My Friday Favorites 01.08.16


I was going to just start My Friday Favorites as if I have been blogging all along, but I will acknowledge that I have not written My Color-Coded Life for six months. I have gone through these spells before and I am back ready to share all the organizing, remodeling, rearranging, and TV watching I have been doing!

On TV – The best new show I’m watching is Quantico. The show follows the newest FBI recruits as they train at the Academy. There is a simultaneous story being told that shows that once this class becomes actual agents, one is accused of a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station. You end up watching for clues in both storylines.


On the Page – HGTV January / February Magazine new year, new decorating possibilities, this issue is full of ideas.  DIY Wall Art Projects, Lots of Style on a Little Budget, and my personal favorite -Style with What You Already Have (I really don’t need more stuff!!) The only bad thing, waiting until March until the next issue. 


For the Parenting Toolbox – I’m always searching for books with strong girls and women to read to my daughter.  A Cup of Jo posted this blog with a great list 18 Children’s Books with Female Characters. I have only read six of these – so off to Barnes and Nobles with our Christmas gift cards we shall go! 


For my Next Home Project   I’ve tackled the linen closet and our front hall closet. Now it’s time for a total redo of our bedroom closet. Of course I’m doing a lot of research including Essential Organizing Products for Closets. Color-Coded hangers??! Yes, please! 


On InstagramOne of my favorite crafters on Instagram is damaskloveHer DIY projects are incredible, but the main reason I hit the red “like” heart on almost every one of her posts is because the colors are always so beautiful! Exhibit A, check out this door! 


On the To-Do List– Last year you followed my along on my New Year’s resolutions journey.  For the most past (at least half the year, I didn’t do so bad!) I have joined a 90/100 Challenge to start this year. It means to give 100% towards your goals for 90 days.  The tag line is Results not Resolutions and I kind of like the sound of that. Here is what I am giving 100% to for the next 90 days:


see? blogging once a week is one of my goals!

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Happy New Year! Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend. Leave me a comment and let me know what your Friday Favorites are. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 01.08.16

  1. Maria says:

    So happy you are back! I have missed your weekly blogs! I love Quantico. It is definitely one of my new faves too, along with Blindspot and Limitless. And all the returning shows like The Royals, iZombie, Grimm, Scandal, HTGAWM, Once Upon A Time, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist, Elementary and Empire. I know, I watch too much TV. And now Downton Abbey started last Sunday so there is that. This isn’t even my whole list. I didn’t mention shows on Netflix, HBO or Showtime. But I’m also reading a lot and have already finished 3 books this month. I, Hunter about Jack the Ripper, One More Thing by BJ Novack from The Office and Z a fictional novel told in the voice of Zelda Fitzgerald which I loved. Now I’m reading Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein the girl half of Portlandia. I love her!
    That was one of my goals this year. I’m not doing resolutions I’be just set some goals. Read everything and watch everything are one. Started taking a new regimen of vitamins, and I’m doing a 12 week workout with a dancer whose blog I follow-her name is Kathryn Morgan. She set up a great schedule for working out to make it fun and interesting. It’s a lot of ballet which I love but there is also yoga and cardio and a little bit of weight training. And finally, I joined an Infinite Possibilities challenge with the man who writes the Notes from the Universe-Mike Dooley. So it’s just for January. A prompt a day for the month about looking towards goals and how to fulfill them without going overboard.
    That’s all for now. So glad to have you back!!!

    • Maureen says:

      Hi Maria – happy February (can’t say new year anymore!) I have all of Empire on my DVR to catch up on and whyyy is Thursday night TV taking so long to come back on?? I’m trying with my goals … Not as dedicated this year!!!!

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