Helpful Hump-day Hints – Makeup Organization

Today’s Helpful Hump-day Hint will hopefully help you with organizing your makeup.


I love my Orla Kiely by Target makeup bag. It’s the perfect size to throw in a purse. It’s not too bulky, but can still hold all of the essentials. When I don’t carry it with me, it stays in a bin in my bathroom. This bin also contains a sea of lipsticks, lip glosses, application brushes, and every other bit of makeup I own.


This needed an organizational system badly! Makeup I wear everyday, I put in the makeup bag. I know exactly where it is AND if I need to take the bag with me, the essentials are already in there. I was shopping at Michael’s, for nothing in particular, (WARNING – never do that – you should have seen my cart on the way out!!) and I saw the whole Cre8ated Space Organizational Line was 50% off. They are desk and office organizers but just use your imagination a little bit and you can use this stuff anywhere.

makeup organization

The pencil cup holds the brushes and tweezers hang on the side. I will never gain back any of the lost time I have spent pushing all of that makeup around looking for those tweezers. The plastic jar holds all lipsticks and lip glosses. Every time I see a picture on Pinterest or Instagram of glass jars holding makeup on beautifully organized vanities, I’m the first to push the “like” heart or re-pin. But unless you are committed to buying everything in matching bottles or the same color tubes, it can start looking junky pretty fast. (I have the same philosophy about open shelves in the kitchen, who wants to look at our plastic Minions cups? Joanna and Chip Gaines’ kids must drink from milkglass sippy cups!) This combines the best of both worlds. It’s jar-like, but tinted a darker color so you don’t know how mismatched the contents are. Growing up my big sisters had a glass cookie jar on their vanity filled with Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. I loved sneaking in there to use them. I can still smell the delicious flavors. It made me feel so grown up sitting at the mirror, using their root beer flavored lip smackers. This new set up reminds me of that jar!


All organized! No more wasting time digging around. Much better right? Happy Hump-day, the weekend is almost here. Try organizing one small thing like this today and let me know how it made your life better.


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