Put it on a Post-It!

MyCCL_Put it on a Post-it One way I keep everything organized is by using colorful Post-Its. In every aspect of your life, color-coded post-its can help you keep track of anything!

There are many different ways to use these bright note keepers, but like any good organizational system, it has to work for the person that is trying to stay organized.

Here are some ways I use post-its. Maybe there is a system here that will work for you, or can be adapted to suit your needs.

Nothing makes me happier then when I buy a bunch of new post-its. (Except maybe when I buy new post-its AND new sharpies.)  Isn’t this beautiful?

postits_MCCL1. On your wall calendar, post-its can be used for events without a confirmed date. Move the post-it around until you are ready to commit and write it on the calendar. Also you can leave leaves suggestions for your hubby for your next date night!


2. Small post-its work great on the back of gift cards to keep track of your remaining balance.

gift cards_postits_MCCL

3. Do you have a journal or another notebook for something like your blog? I use post-its in my blog journal when I sketch out what posts I am going to publish each day of the week.


4. I never sit down to read my magazines with out my color-coded post-its! I mark any pages that have pictures or articles that catch my eye. I put a second post-it on the cover letting me know what I’ve tagged – is it a paint color I liked? A recipe I should try? Or maybe something for My Friday Favorites?


5. Post-its can make cute lunch box notes for the kiddos. I like to combine them with Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies to create a game or puzzle to solve before you eat your treat. My daughter is in preschool and sometimes I link the phrases to the themes they are working on at school. Once you spell the answers out, put the post-it clue and cookies into a ziplock bag. Prep a few on the weekends to throw in the lunchboxes.



6. The insides of our kitchen cabinets and linen closet doors are always covered with lists! When we finish an item, we put it on the shopping list. Sometimes they are color-coded by store, sometimes they are just on different bright colors to make me happy.

lists_postits_MCCL7. If I am driving home and the gas light comes on when I am very close to my house, the first thing I do when I walk in the door is put a post-it on the mirror reminding me I need to get gas the next time I leave. This mirror is on the bottom of our stairs near the front door.  I see it on the way to get my coffee in the morning and it reminds me to leave a few minutes early for work.


These are just some ways to use color-coded post-its – I am sure there are millions more!  I didn’t even go into how I use post-its in My Color-Coded Classroom! Do you use post-its for anything?  What are some of your tricks and techniques when using them? Leave a comment and tell me how post-its fit into your life!

For more ideas check out my Pinterest Board: Put it on a Post-it

Romy: And I thought of them completely by myself. I mean, all Michele did was say: “What about making them yellow?”


Image from Fashionista

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