My Friday Favorites 02.19.16

On TV – The last two weeks of Grey’s Anatomy have been great, but I do not want to hear anymore – “put Meredith and Alex together” possible story lines. Please Shonda Rhimes – do not do this! Maybe Episode 10 should have been called – “All I Want is You and You and You and You.” I loved Meredith’s  Wizard of Oz reference – “they were all there.”  When her therapist states you aren’t married anymore and you aren’t a widow either, he follows it up with the question – Who are you? She says she doesn’t know. And this is why I believe Cristina had to leave, Derrick had to die – so the show could answer that one question. 


On the Page –  It’s the end of February! It’s that time of year when all the March magazines start arriving with bright colors like green for spring! Time to organize and spring clean. 

goodhousekeeping march


On the Web –This article was spot on for me. I had more than one laugh out loud moments when reading it. I hope my 40+ readers enjoy it! 5 Things That Just Don’t Matter To Me After Turning 40 from Scary Mommy

Sean Locke Photography / Shutterstock

On InstagramI’m becoming a little bit of an IG shopaholic.  It’s so easy and you can shop right from your couch with a glass of wine – plus it’s a little bit of sport — will I win the prize? One account I follow is Find of the Century. I missed the sale this week and boy am I sorry … check out this adorable vintage child’s umbrella

find of the century_IG_umbrella

On the Twitter Feed – The Organizing Store ‏@organizingstor Today’s mini desk-makeover with some of our faves

I’m a little obsessed with the amperstamp symbol lately too. What’s up with that? Here is my little collection I have going on:


Hope you have a great weekend. Leave me a comment and let me know what are loving this week. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 02.19.16

  1. suzanne says:

    You know I can talk Grey’s any day! Jazmyn and I started to feel like Mer and Alex were going to get together but it was just for a second. He and Joe are to good together and we saw that at the end of the episode. On a heavier note, we are cleaning out and organizing our garage. We have lived here sine 2007 and neither one of us has ever parked a car in it! Got any good tips? Because right now I feel like all I do is move stuff around from side to side:)

    • Maureen says:

      I love that you and Jazmyn watch Grey’s together. Since I started to watch it on my maternity leave I hope when Olivia’s a teenager we can watch it all together! Remember that dream episode when Meredith was all preppy and she was engaged to Alex’s?!!?!?! I think Shonda is dropping these little hints on purpose – but I do not think she will put them together — she did that story line when Meredith slept with George. And I agree – Jo and Alex belong together! Ok – on to your garage — have you read Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? I highly recommend it! I havent see your garage but I bet that you are just pushing stuff around. Her advice – hold every object and ask- does it bring you joy? If you hesitate to answer – donate or throw out. You are probably pushing around stuff in that garage you haven’t look at, used, touched or needed for years. Let it go. And when you have an amazing open space to create a new area that WILL bring you joy – you will be so happy!!!! Happy Organizing!

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