Color-Code for April Showers

Today’s let’s chat about how color-coding doesn’t have to always be about filing and cleaning and organizing… it can also be to brighten your day! Tomorrow is April which means the rainy weather is going to start up. But as the old saying goes, if we get through it – it brings May flowers and spring time.

Here’s how color-coding can brighten up your rainy days:

Buy a fun and colorful umbrella to match your already sunny, bright rain coat!

rain coat 2rain coat 3 umbrella

To complete the look, you must get a pair of hot pink wellies!

rain coat wellies 2

rain coat wellies

What happens when you find ANOTHER umbrella that matches your raincoat?

My CCL_blue and yellow rain gear

My CCL_blue umbrella

You get it, of course, because it also matches your bag!

My CCL umbrella and bag

Let the kids pick out bright color-coded rain gear, too!

My CCL kids rain gear

My CCL olivia umbrella

olivia rain 2

olivia rain

What cheerful colors do you like to wear in rainy weather? Do you have a favorite coat, umbrella, or pair of wellies? Start there and create your ensemble. It will make leaving the house in the rain more fun! Leave me a comment and tell me all about your color-coded outfits.

Have a great day…this weekend is almost here!


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