Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Recap Season 1


Anyone else excited that today Netflix releases Season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? Here’s a quick recap so you will recall what is happening with your favorite Mole woman from Durnsville, Indiana.

The series begins the day Kimmy Schmidt and three other women are discovered and released from an underground bunker after being held in captivity for 15 years by a reverand who told them the apocolypse had destroyed everything on Earth. Immediately following an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show, Kimmy jumps out of the van declaring she staying in New York City. With a ton of cash in her backback (from The Mole Women Charity Fund) she walks the streets in pursuit of a place to live and a job.

Enter Lillian (her new landlord) and Titus Andronomos (her new roomate.) Both are eccentric characters who try and help Kimmy adjust to life in the big city, for example, making her write down every 90s phrase she uses in a notebook labeled “Things People Don’t Say Anymore.” Dancing one night in a club, Kimmy’s backpack is stolen along with all of her money.

After seeing the same child shoplifting in two different locations, Kimmy drags him to his home to speak to his parents. Enter Jacqueline Voorhees. A bitter, socialite, second-wife who first mistakes Kimmy for the dog masseuse. She ends up hiring Kimmy as a nanny and spends most of season one trying to get her husband, Mr. Voorhees, to come home from a business trip that has lasted months. Jacqueline’s step-daughter Xanthippe and her wild, rebellious, pill-popping friends, torture Kimmy, until it is finally revealed Xan is a a good girl, bird watching, band geek. Eventually Mrs. Voorhees learns of her husband’s infidelity and begins divorce proceedings. Kimmy supports her and encourages to get out of the marriage. Flashbacks show Jacqueline is Native American and she left her reservation in search of a bigger, flashier life.

Kimmy finds herself in the middle of a love triangle bewteen Logan, a wealthy self-proclained Daddy’s Boy who meets Kimmy at a Voorhees dinner party and Dong Nguyen, an illegal immigrant from her GED class who helps tutor her in math. The men get in a fight over her at her 30th birthday party. Kimmy eventually picks Dong as the man she has feelings for, but it may be too late, as Logan has already reported his illegal status to the authorities.

When we last saw Kimmy, she has just saved the day in a Legally Blonde moment of cross-examining The Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. It turns out that his Celebrity Apprentice audition tape is just the proof everyone needed to finalize realize he did NOT think that an apocalypse was coming. This excitment doesn’t last too long for Kimmy. In the final moments of Season 1, we hear wedding bells in more than one unexpected place. Titus Andromedon has a wife?! And Dong married another woman from their GED class?

There are a lot of terrific guest stars: Jon Hamm as The Reverend, Tina Fey and Jerry Minor as Marcia Clark and Chris Darden, Martin Short as Jacqueline’s plastic surgeon, and Kiernan Shipka as Kymmi, Kimmy’s half-sister.

To watch Season 1, click: here.

Bring on Season 2! Happy binge watching this weekend!

One thought on “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Recap Season 1

  1. Maria says:

    I am so thrilled this show has started again. I finally sat down to watch it this afternoon and I was able to see the first 4 episodes. I love singing the “They’re alive dammit” out loud so that Joe and Lainie will laugh. As ridiculous as this show is, I love to laugh!

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