Porch Makeover for My Mother-in-Law

For Mother’s Day, I told my mother-in-law I would like to set-up and design her porch. I knew she would like a place of her own to sit, relax, drink her tea and not be bothered by anyone!

This is what I had to work with:

The floor of the porch looks like this:

floor rhodie

She had this furniture in her garage:

couch rhoidechair rhodietable rhodie

And she bought these pillows:

pillows rhodie

With this information – I got to work!

It took me (and my husband who helped paint) one day to design and set up the porch. She was home while we were painting out back, but she left for a little while and I was able to set everything up so she could get the “big reveal” moment. (minus a huge Fixer Upper style before photo!)

finished porch

I shopped mainly in her own house. Everyone has extra stuff that accumulates in our homes. Before going out and buying something new – walk thru your home and see what you can re-purpose! (Color-coded tip – start picking like color items, then try them out in the design and edit as necessary.)

chair close up

couch close up

table close up

I collected up old plastic flower pots, tins, and bins she had around her home and painted them all one color (my signature apple green – which I can work into ANY design!)


She had this perfectly matching maroon picnic basket in her dining room. The tin was from an Edible Arrangements gift. The F is magnetic (from Michael’s) and stuck right to the tin making this an easy monogram project.

picnic 2

I made this wreath as her Mother’s Day gift which I new I would incorporate into the final look.


House numbers on a basket that we attached next to the door.

house numbers

View from the street:

street view

Price tag:
Home Depot: $36
Michael’s: $57
Target: $8
Total: $101

I hope this area will become her HAPPY PLACE!

happy place edit





4 thoughts on “Porch Makeover for My Mother-in-Law

  1. Janine Repine says:

    Awesome job, Maureen!! I love it! I need to use your talents – please come ship my house and inspire me!! Love the final result.

    • Maureen says:

      Thanks Janine! I did another patio this past weekend. Post will go up next week! I’d love to help you! Trying to set up a little side business this summer- let’s talk about your needs!!

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