Car Organization

I try my hardest NOT to live out of my car, but inevitably my days and weeks get so packed with responsibilities and activities, I do find myself needing to “pack the car” on just a regular Wednesday! I decided to be proactive in what I needed to keep in the car on a consistent basis. Time to do one of my favorite things – make a list! I started jotting down all the things that would be helpful to have but NOT necessarily for me to drag around in my purse. Once I had all my ideas jotted down – I got to do another favorite thing of mine – organize bins! Off to Target I went! I found these three basic black bins in varying sizes and I knew they would work perfectly.

Largest bin lives in the trunk.
-a few purses varying in size and color – now when I have to go out directly after work I have options that do not include carrying my large laptop bag around (See my Practical Packing tips and read what I carry in my purse here.)
-flip-flops – stopping for a pedicure? nothing worse than forgetting your flip-flops!
-reusable bags – stopping for a big grocery list or one thing you need for tonight’s dinner? bags are ready to go.


Medium size bin also lives in the trunk.
-wipes and other cleaning supplies for the car
-a lint brush
-back-up supplies for the smaller front seat bin


Small size bin lives on the floor in the front seat.
-tissues, lip gloss, deodorant, feminine supplies (personal supplies that I don’t need to carry around in my purse, but I know I have extra of if I need it.)
-snacks! Don’t stop at a drive-thru for the small fries because you are starving – take a handful of almonds instead!


I also have a cardboard box (not a nice, fancy bin) in the trunk that has all emergency car supplies in case I have car trouble. During the school year, one reusable bag becomes a “school store.” When items are on sale, I buy them for my classroom (tissues, clorox wipes, dry erase markers, notebooks.) I keep them in my trunk until I need to bring them into my classroom. 

The back seat pockets are ruled by my daughter. She has both stuffed with books. She loves to read when we are in the car and every few months or so she will tell me its time to switch out some new books for the car.  (Shout out to my brother at Gemiknight Press for the Larry Gets Lost series.) 

How do you keep things organized in your car? Do you keep things in your trunk? Do you have a car organizational system that works for you? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading and happy hump-day!

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