At Play

My CCL_relaxFor all things at play.

My top five things to do on a rainy day:

1. Movie marathon day including flavored popcorn

2. Read magazines in bed

3. Catch up on all my favorite blogs

4. Bake a special dessert

5. Craft

My top five things to do with just your girlfriends:

1. Enjoy a great dinner out

2. Mani / Pedi / Spa Day

3. Daytrip shopping in an off the beat and path town

4. Coffee / Tea / Hot chocolate and good conversation

5. Go to a movie that you are embarrassed you want to see and your man would never go see.

My top five favorite sweet treats:

1. cheesecake

2. chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce

3. red velvet cupcakes

4. key lime pie

5. rice pudding

My top five summer cocktails:

1. Gin and Tonic

2. White Wine Lemonade

3. Red Sangria

4. Hoegaarden

5. Margarita on the rocks with salt

My top five winter cocktails:

1. Spiced Apple Cider

2. Hot Toddy

3. Irish Coffee

4. Sam Adams Winter Ale

5. Merlot

5 thoughts on “At Play

  1. Jen trek da lock says:

    #2 reminded me of your spa party! That was a fun time. And so creative! I remember buying all the ingredients for the facial spa with you.

    • Maureen says:

      Yes – the spa party – for Joanna’s birthday! So funny you mention that because the book we used is still in my bathroom and just the other day I said I need to write a blog about the spa recipes in that book. Look out for that soon! Thanks for reading and commenting.

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