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For all things at work.

My top five ways to keep organized at work:

1. Keep a different folder for each reoccurring meeting you have.  As things come up during the week that you know should be addressed and shared at that meeting, put it in the folder. (Take a guess – mine are color-coded!)

2. Keep one folder that holds all of your “to-dos.” Start off simple with just this one folder. (As you develop systems, this may become more than one folder.) At the end of every week, revisit what is still in the folder and prioritize it in order of what needs to be accomplished next week.

3. Only keep things you need on a daily basis on your desk.  Things you need at least once a week should go in a drawer that is easily accessible in your desk.  Anything else that you do not reference on a consistent basis should not take up space near you – move it to a filing cabinet somewhere else in your office.

4. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, keep cozy shoes/ slippers under your desk, and have some pleasant to look at photographs or paintings surrounding you. Doing your best work is easiest if your working environment is welcoming and peaceful.

5. For the last half hour of every Friday – a.) make a complete “to-do” list of what needs to get done the following week – this can be pen & paper – or in your tasks on the computer.  If you are still a pen and paper person – it’s OK!  b.) completely clean off your desk, move all papers to folders.  Sanitize your desktop, computer keyboard, and your phone. (I use Clorox wipes lemon scent.) Even if you don’t have time to go through all your papers and file accordingly, put them all in the “to-do” folder.  On Monday morning, you will feel more refreshed and ready to start the work week if your space is clean.

Bonus for the Working Mom!  If you have a nanny or private childcare provider – ask them to snap a picture each morning and send it to your phone or personal email.  At lunchtime, pull up the picture of your little one(s).  Sometimes this is the highlight to my day!

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