awkward. S02/Ep09 “Homewrecker Hamilton” and S02/Ep10 “Pick Me, Chose Me, Love Me”

We find Jenna at her Dad's where she has blogged all night and has her cell phone glued to her hoping it would show some sign of communication from Jake.  She started to text him and erased it several times. Why had Jake broken up with her?  She needed answers.   Her dad asks her to … Continue reading awkward. S02/Ep09 “Homewrecker Hamilton” and S02/Ep10 “Pick Me, Chose Me, Love Me”

awkward – S02/Ep03 “Three’s a Crowd”

“You are such a novice, paper leaves a trail – start an anonymous twitter campaign – you gotta go big or go home” Sadie Saxton Jenna feels suffocated as she is always trapped between Jake and Matty. At Crazy Val’s first assembly as vice principal, Jenna tries to sit apart from Matty – but he … Continue reading awkward – S02/Ep03 “Three’s a Crowd”

awkward – S02/Ep02 “Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary”

“I hope I at least have a cameo.” – Tamara Jenna gets to bask in the glorious, public, hand-holding, relationship with Jake for about 30 seconds when they find out that the Sanctuary – or the area under the bleachers at school, has video camera pointed directly at it.  This should not be a problem … Continue reading awkward – S02/Ep02 “Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary”

awkward – S02/Ep01 “Resolutions”

“I’m not going to make any resolutions.  I’m just going to let the year surprise me.” –Jenna       We find Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards – or Sam, Brooke Davis’ first foster kid on One Tree Hill.) still blogging about her life (New post: New Year, New Jenna) and trying to come to terms with … Continue reading awkward – S02/Ep01 “Resolutions”