My Friday Favorites 07.29.16

On TV – I just discovered OWN’s new drama Greenleaf. I caught up on demand and watched live this week. The Greenleaf family runs the Calvary megachurch in Memphis. This drama is filled with scandal, deceit, cover-ups, and family secrets. In the latest episode, Grace got the evidence she needed against Uncle Mac, the verdict in the Officer Daniel Nelson case was revealed, and tragedy struck again in response. This week’s episode started with a disclaimer that it was filmed in January and it understood the topic of crimes committed by and against the police were even more relevant today.
On the Page – Better Homes and Gardens August issue takes a look into a home that’s created great work and display spaces, new recipes for green beans, beautiful hydrangeas, and how to pack a throwback 1956 picnic.

On the Web – I could not stop laughing as I scrolled through Glamour’s article, 20 TV Shows to Watch on Netflix When You’re Feeling Stressed. Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls (returning in November!) Grey’s Anatomy… the Riggins GIFs!! Anything on HGTV – I know there have been times when I click on HGTV and go about my business in the house as if I flipped on a radio. My only addition to this list would be One Tree Hill. What would you add to this list?


In the Garden – I’m very proud of myself this summer. I decided to cut my spending money on fresh herbs and try to grow some myself. I have the absolute opposite of a green thumb so this was a daring experiment. I picked spearmint, basil and cilantro. The basil and spearmint have taken off! I have fresh basil in my salads and fresh mint in my water everyday! The cilantro…. hasn’t done as well. I need to research that one a little more. Since I’ve had 2/3 success, I think I should try a few more so I can completely stop spending money on herbs. I found this chart from Country Living and I’m printing it and hanging it on my fridge! At first I thought there were no cilantro tips, until I took a closer look, and saw it says to look at coriander. 


In your Coffee Mug – I love coffee. I love ice coffee. I love cinnamon. I love that Starbucks is sharing this recipe so I can make this at home and not spend $5. 


On Instagram – So, I’m switching schools next year and teaching a grade I haven’t taught in 20 years! (yay and gulp!) I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to organize my classroom library. I first saw this pic on @teacherspayteachers (one of my favorite websites.) It inspires me and gives me so many ideas! The photo is originally from @kindercraze, so of course I had to check her page out and you should, too!



What things are you loving this week? And how do you keep your fresh cilantro alive?!? Leave me a comment and let me know! Have a great weekend. 

Happy 4th Birthday My Color-Coded Life

4th Birthday CCLThis month marks four years since I started this blog. I’ve never been entirely consistent about posting and don’t follow a lot of the “how to make your blog stand-out” checklists, but it has been a fun, creative outlet for me and makes me accountable to keep things in my life in order! To celebrate this 4th birthday, I will list links to some of My Color-Coded Life’s most popular posts. Enjoy, even if it’s the second time around.

MyCCL_morning routineCreating a Morning Routine

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Dining Room Reveal 

before and after

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10371761_2153257386138_2432189338377949642_nA Cat in the Hat Party 

Ingredients for Butternut Squash SoupHomemade Mac-n-Cheese

superhero gift wrapGift Wrapping for Superheroes


New Year’s Resolutions 


Top Ten Best Romantic Movie Endings


Most Memorable Brides

Do you have a favorite post or tip you have learned from My Color-Coded Life? Leave me a comment and let me know. Many thanks to all who read, comment and share – I appreciate your support!

My Friday Favorites 02.19.16

On TV – The last two weeks of Grey’s Anatomy have been great, but I do not want to hear anymore – “put Meredith and Alex together” possible story lines. Please Shonda Rhimes – do not do this! Maybe Episode 10 should have been called – “All I Want is You and You and You and You.” I loved Meredith’s  Wizard of Oz reference – “they were all there.”  When her therapist states you aren’t married anymore and you aren’t a widow either, he follows it up with the question – Who are you? She says she doesn’t know. And this is why I believe Cristina had to leave, Derrick had to die – so the show could answer that one question. 


On the Page –  It’s the end of February! It’s that time of year when all the March magazines start arriving with bright colors like green for spring! Time to organize and spring clean. 

goodhousekeeping march


On the Web –This article was spot on for me. I had more than one laugh out loud moments when reading it. I hope my 40+ readers enjoy it! 5 Things That Just Don’t Matter To Me After Turning 40 from Scary Mommy

Sean Locke Photography / Shutterstock

On InstagramI’m becoming a little bit of an IG shopaholic.  It’s so easy and you can shop right from your couch with a glass of wine – plus it’s a little bit of sport — will I win the prize? One account I follow is Find of the Century. I missed the sale this week and boy am I sorry … check out this adorable vintage child’s umbrella

find of the century_IG_umbrella

On the Twitter Feed – The Organizing Store ‏@organizingstor Today’s mini desk-makeover with some of our faves

I’m a little obsessed with the amperstamp symbol lately too. What’s up with that? Here is my little collection I have going on:


Hope you have a great weekend. Leave me a comment and let me know what are loving this week. Thanks for reading.

Helpful Hump-day Hints – Makeup Organization

Today’s Helpful Hump-day Hint will hopefully help you with organizing your makeup.


I love my Orla Kiely by Target makeup bag. It’s the perfect size to throw in a purse. It’s not too bulky, but can still hold all of the essentials. When I don’t carry it with me, it stays in a bin in my bathroom. This bin also contains a sea of lipsticks, lip glosses, application brushes, and every other bit of makeup I own.


This needed an organizational system badly! Makeup I wear everyday, I put in the makeup bag. I know exactly where it is AND if I need to take the bag with me, the essentials are already in there. I was shopping at Michael’s, for nothing in particular, (WARNING – never do that – you should have seen my cart on the way out!!) and I saw the whole Cre8ated Space Organizational Line was 50% off. They are desk and office organizers but just use your imagination a little bit and you can use this stuff anywhere.

makeup organization

The pencil cup holds the brushes and tweezers hang on the side. I will never gain back any of the lost time I have spent pushing all of that makeup around looking for those tweezers. The plastic jar holds all lipsticks and lip glosses. Every time I see a picture on Pinterest or Instagram of glass jars holding makeup on beautifully organized vanities, I’m the first to push the “like” heart or re-pin. But unless you are committed to buying everything in matching bottles or the same color tubes, it can start looking junky pretty fast. (I have the same philosophy about open shelves in the kitchen, who wants to look at our plastic Minions cups? Joanna and Chip Gaines’ kids must drink from milkglass sippy cups!) This combines the best of both worlds. It’s jar-like, but tinted a darker color so you don’t know how mismatched the contents are. Growing up my big sisters had a glass cookie jar on their vanity filled with Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. I loved sneaking in there to use them. I can still smell the delicious flavors. It made me feel so grown up sitting at the mirror, using their root beer flavored lip smackers. This new set up reminds me of that jar!


All organized! No more wasting time digging around. Much better right? Happy Hump-day, the weekend is almost here. Try organizing one small thing like this today and let me know how it made your life better.


My Friday Favorites 01.08.16


I was going to just start My Friday Favorites as if I have been blogging all along, but I will acknowledge that I have not written My Color-Coded Life for six months. I have gone through these spells before and I am back ready to share all the organizing, remodeling, rearranging, and TV watching I have been doing!

On TV – The best new show I’m watching is Quantico. The show follows the newest FBI recruits as they train at the Academy. There is a simultaneous story being told that shows that once this class becomes actual agents, one is accused of a terrorist attack on Grand Central Station. You end up watching for clues in both storylines.


On the Page – HGTV January / February Magazine new year, new decorating possibilities, this issue is full of ideas.  DIY Wall Art Projects, Lots of Style on a Little Budget, and my personal favorite -Style with What You Already Have (I really don’t need more stuff!!) The only bad thing, waiting until March until the next issue. 


For the Parenting Toolbox – I’m always searching for books with strong girls and women to read to my daughter.  A Cup of Jo posted this blog with a great list 18 Children’s Books with Female Characters. I have only read six of these – so off to Barnes and Nobles with our Christmas gift cards we shall go! 


For my Next Home Project   I’ve tackled the linen closet and our front hall closet. Now it’s time for a total redo of our bedroom closet. Of course I’m doing a lot of research including Essential Organizing Products for Closets. Color-Coded hangers??! Yes, please! 


On InstagramOne of my favorite crafters on Instagram is damaskloveHer DIY projects are incredible, but the main reason I hit the red “like” heart on almost every one of her posts is because the colors are always so beautiful! Exhibit A, check out this door! 


On the To-Do List– Last year you followed my along on my New Year’s resolutions journey.  For the most past (at least half the year, I didn’t do so bad!) I have joined a 90/100 Challenge to start this year. It means to give 100% towards your goals for 90 days.  The tag line is Results not Resolutions and I kind of like the sound of that. Here is what I am giving 100% to for the next 90 days:


see? blogging once a week is one of my goals!

Real Simple Daily Thought


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Happy New Year! Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend. Leave me a comment and let me know what your Friday Favorites are. Thanks for reading.

I Heart U

Happy Valentines’ Day from My Color-Coded Life. My Pinterest News Feed has been filled with red hearts, candy, and cute ways to make the perfect valentines for weeks now.  When I was in my 20s, I HATED this holiday, so much in fact, that my mom started sending me funny valentines each year signed with statements like – “On your favorite holiday…”   But now I choose to embrace it for what’s it is worth – saying you care to the loved ones around you.   Last year around this time, I was trying to organize a dinner date night out with two other couples we are friends with.  We finally decided – why don’t we just do Valentine’s Day?  It’s free on all of our calendars – and it will take the pressure off our husbands to make a plan for what I assume is the most dreaded holiday for men!  This year we are continuing the tradition.

Here are some things we are up to for this heart holiday.

Last year, I was in charge of dessert. I found this post through Pinterest. Valentine Cake DIY from The Busy Bee .  Here is my attempt and final product. 




How did I do? This year I’m hosting and my friend Leigh is going to attempt this cake from

Valentine's Cake from

I do like to give Valentine’s Day gifts to teachers.  I feel like it is a non-religious holiday so giving a little gift is just showing you are thankful for them and what they do every day for your child(ren.) This year I found this adorable post including the printable: Bee Mine Valentine Card Template from Make It Do.   There is a non-intentional bee theme going on here!  I love this idea of giving honey (especially if the teachers are tea drinkers.)  Here is my attempt:

bee mine honey giftsI like the red gingham ribbon used by the Make it Do people, my velvet red ribbon reads a little Christmas-y to me, but I was trying to just use what I had and not bring anymore crafty stuff into my house right now! (You’re welcome, Larry.)

I wrapped these up in the adorable handmade Valentine’s bags my sister makes. I included a few tea bags with each honey, too.  Plus we did one – stop shopping with this all inclusive Valentine’s kit including 24 cards and stickers we found at Target.  (It did not have envelopes, which I found odd.)

valentines gifts


I am also continuing my collection of Valentine’s cards that Larry and I have exchanged with each other since we first started dating.  This box sits on our mantel and every year when I put it out I read them.

Valentine Card Box


Hope you have a nice day today surrounded by those you love.  Enjoy the long weekend if you have President’s day off.  I heart U for reading!


Over the fields we go. Wrapping all the way…

My wrapping marathon has begun.  It began Saturday when I attended my friend’s annual gift wrapping party.  She makes the most incredible bows!  She’s a wrapping expert.  I always choose a special paper for the gifts we will open X-mas Eve.  (We give each other new pajamas and a book the night before the big day.) This year our Xmas Eve paper is brown with snowmen on it.  Look at the incredible ribbon tying my friend did on these – including a little snowman!  The day was filled with paper, ribbons, bows, and glitter!

xmas eve gifts 2014_2
















The year we are experiencing something new…. SANTA.  Olivia is old enough now to know what is going on and expects this guy to be stopping by for Christmas (and leaving a few things.)  This started the conversation rolling between my husband and I. What was your Santa like growing up?  Did he wrap? Did he leave a lot of little things?  Just one big thing?  We told Olivia she could ask Santa for five things. This sparked a lot of debate among my friends!  Some said that was a lot!  Some said, that’s it?  I guess you just have to navigate it for yourself.  She’s still too little to want any “big-ticket” items so 5 small things we knew wouldn’t break the bank and would make for an exciting morning.   And my sweet girl could only think of three things when making her list anyway!!  We decided Santa would wrap, in a different special paper.  I also got the idea to leave a Santa picture on the packages (instead of a To / From gift tag) and I found some cute holiday numbers online to include, too.

Santa gifts 2014

Thanks to all the ladies at the gift wrap party who helped see my “Santa” vision into these beautiful packages!

I am always afraid that the gifts I have left to wrap at home after this party will not look as good.  I spent all day yesterday finishing up. What do you think?  I don’t have all the special supplies from the party – but I make do with what I’ve got!




xmas gifts 2014 _4


Are you done wrapping? Does Santa visit your house? Does he wrap? What are your traditions? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I’m moving on the next phase of Holiday prep today – the meals.

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading!

Helpful Hump-day Hints 08.14.13

HHH polka dot

Believe it or not there are only two more weekends until Labor Day weekend. This makes me sad! I love summer. Everything seems to slow down and it gives you time to just relax. Fall is a season I love too though, and to make lemonade out of lemons it is also nice to get back to routines! I am making three master lists of what I would like to accomplish as these precious summer weekends wind down

HHH#1 – Make a list of anything left we want to do with Olivia this summer. Museums, Day Trips, Parks, Playgrounds – what did we do already that she loved and want to do one more time (she asks every single time we get in the car if we are going to Sesame Place… I’m serious – every time, can you imagine her disappointment when we pull up to the grocery store??), What places have we not gotten to yet and want to try out. Next cross reference this list to our calendars and pencil in the events!

HHH#2 Make a back to school list for Olivia and a “Back to the Grind” list for Larry and I. This will absolutely entail a trip to Staples (one of my fav stores! Colorful markers and binders and post-it notes!) Olivia is staring pre-school so we got her first supply list.

HHH#3 It’s Google Calendar time! Time to make sure all of our ducks are in a row, babysitters confirmed, activities in place, social calendar blocked off, and a master house-to-do list timeline. We have taken it easy from home renovations this summer, but we want to get back on track to have some more rooms redone by the holidays. We will be planning and programming the months of September – December. I am hoping this fall will include a 40th (!) birthday party for me, a Halloween party for Olivia, and some sort of holiday open house. Time to get the party planning juices flowing and inspirational folders going!

For more on how my family manages our Google Calendar – check out this post: How to Keep Track of Your Schedule.

How are you getting organized for the fall? Leave me a comment with a helpful hump-day hint!

Helpful Hump-day Hints 07.31.13

HHH gingham

Happy Wednesday!  Welcome to midweek.  I have two full days of plans for this weekend that include some house guests. So today’s Helpful Hump-day Hints (HHHs) are about what I am doing to get ahead so I can be ready for our weekend of activities and fun!  I’ve got three evenings after work left before the weekend.

HHH#1 Wednesday light – sort mail that has piled up, light dusting, laundry (including bathing suits and beach towels), pick up any groceries needed for the weekend, Google directions and plan out driving routes.

HHH#2 –  Thursday night – clean guest bathroom, fill up gas tank in car, clean car and prep for upcoming day trip (including stocking backseat holders with books, games, extra tissues, and napkins), check weather reports to see if any plans need to be adjusted, go online print out maps of venues and read up on any special exhibits to plan the daily agendas, and buy admission tickets to all event venues – I don’t want to waste time standing in lines!

HHH#3 Friday night – prepare lunches, snacks, and backpack for day trips, put stroller in the trunk of car, plug up all electronic devices so they are all fully charged. 

We are excited to visit Sesame Place, The Philadelphia Arts Museum including Arts Splash and The Oval this weekend.  I will take pics and report back on any great family friendly activities we discover!
Have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by and reading.

Parenthood S04/Ep01 “Family Portrait”

Parenthood is one of my favorites shows so I am excited to watch this season and catch up on all the Bravermans.   “Family Portrait” had me cracking up right from the beginning as we find Sarah asking her mother for her fiance Mark to be included in their upcoming family portrait.  Camille pulls out an old family portrait pointing to a woman next to Crosby and is firm with her “family only rule.”  This may not seem that funny to you, but having grown up with a mother who also had a strict – no girlfriends, no boyfriends, no fiancees in family pics… husbands and wives only; this made me giggle.  And even with this rule, my mother would arrange the in-laws so they were on the perimeter.  You know…just in case, and then they could be easily trimmed out.  Sarah explains this to Mark – blaming this family rule on some old girlfriend of Crosby’s but Mark doesn’t understand since they are going to get married.  Mark makes the extra effort by going to speak to Camille about this pleading his case. He loves Sarah, they are engaged, he is part of their family.  Meanwhile, Sarah has to drop the deposit off at the photographer played by Ray Romano.  Hank is a quirk guy with little to no social skills, but after spotting his Help Wanted sign in the window, Sarah charms him into giving her a chance on the job.  The next day she goes on a photo shoot with him, where she proves she has great customer service, but lacks in knowledge about camera equipment.  He tries to fire Sarah, but realizes that she does have talent with the people, something he is lacking.

Jasmine and Crosby are settling into married domestic bliss. Crosby notices Jabbar praying one evening before going to bed.  As his parents they decide to talk to Jasmine’s mother, who is the religious influence on Jabbar.  They ask her to please leave the religious decisions up to them, since they are Jabbar’s mother and father.  Jasmine’s mother in turn asks what their religious beliefs are.  This strikes a chord with Crosy who spends the rest of the episode trying to figure out what his religious convictions are.  He asked Camile and Zeke what they believe and Camille is very frank that she doesn’t know what happens beyond this life, so she didn’t pretend to her children to have those answers.

Victor, the young boy Julia and Joel adopted last season, is trying to find his place in the family, as Julia bends each and every rule for him so he will feel loved.  Max gives Victor a tour of his room and introduces him to all his pets, including Guacamole, his lizard.  His does not let Victor hold him, claiming that Sydney and Jabbar can hold him because they are his real cousins. When Max later discovers Guacamole is missing, he thinks it is Victor who took him.  Christina calls Julia to talk about it.  Finally Joel tells Julia, the message they are sending Victor by letting him do what he wants and not follow rules is that he is not part of the family.

Amber now works at The Luncheonette with her uncles, Adam and Crosby.  She starts to flirt with the lead signer of a band who is recording there and ends up hooking up with him.  Later in the week, his girlfriend drops by to surprise him.  She tells Crosby, who at some point shares it with Adam.  Adam can’t believe it and feels protective over Amber.  When he questions what type of guy would do something like that, Crosby answers it in one word: musicians. Adam kicks the band out of the recording studio. Amber later confronts her Uncle Adam and tells him that she knows he was trying to help, but he has to remember she is an adult and he must treat her that way, especially at work.

Adam and Kristina are trying to plan Haddie’s final days at home before going to Cornell.  Their family of four going to dinner, special time for her and Max, a big get-together with all the Bravermans…it’s driving Haddie insane.  The whole family gets together at Camille and Zeek’s to properly celebrate her leaving for college and take the Family Portrait.

The final scene was a tearjerker in true Parenthood style.  Kristina and Adam take Haddie to the airport.  She’s in line to board her plane, but runs back to give her parents once last hug.

Here’s the portrait, yes, including Mark.