Planning Ahead. 8 Tips to Make Your Week Less Stressful

We have all done it at some point.  Running around Monday morning, throwing lunches in bags, searching for something to wear, organizing backpacks, dashing out of the house only to find the gas tank almost on E, and speeding so we won't get to work late. Of course the last minute lunch you packed in awful, … Continue reading Planning Ahead. 8 Tips to Make Your Week Less Stressful

15 Reasons I Know It’s Fall

15 Reasons I know it's Fall: 15. No more iced caramel coffees, bring on the hot pumpkin spice lattes. 14. Blankets come out of the linen closet and are placed on the end of the beds. 13. School supply aisles become school supply sections. Notebooks for brand new to-do lists and schedules. Highlighters! Post-its! Sharpies! 12. Cardigan sweaters … Continue reading 15 Reasons I Know It’s Fall

My Friday Favorites 11/23/12

Greetings from Atlanta this week!  I am enjoying our Thanksgiving holiday at my sister's house. Check back here soon for more details about our Thanksgiving meal including some great recipes. Here are my Friday Favorites for the past seven days: On TV- Apolo and Emmitt are sent home leaving an all female final - Shawn, … Continue reading My Friday Favorites 11/23/12