My Friday Favorites 08/17/12

Here are my Friday Favorites for this day late! On TV- I can't believe we only have one episode of Suits left... I don't know if it makes me sadder: the second season is almost over, or that summer is almost over. This week's episode was great with the fate of Jessica in Louis' hands.  … Continue reading My Friday Favorites 08/17/12

Helpful Hump-Day Hints 08/01/12

Seriously?  How is it August?  Where did July go, or the summer for that matter?  I am so behind....time to jump right in... I usually start this in July, but clearly this year, I'll be starting it in August!  It's time for my Christmas Present Excel Spreadsheet.  Yes, you heard me correctly!  Christmas!  Each year … Continue reading Helpful Hump-Day Hints 08/01/12

How to Easily Keep Track of Your Schedule

One thing I know my family could not live without is our shared Google Calendar.  It is bookmarked on all our computers and phones and is something I reference multiple times a day!  In my family, we have multiple shared calendars and every color means something different.  My calendar is blue, my husband's is green, … Continue reading How to Easily Keep Track of Your Schedule