Helpful Hump-day Hints 12/26/12

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! Here are my Helpful Hump-day Hints for today: HHH #1 - Buy all of your holiday wrapping paper for next year this week! It's half price and when you pull out your decorations next December, you will realize you don't have that extra expense of wrapping paper. HHH#2 … Continue reading Helpful Hump-day Hints 12/26/12

The 300th Comment Contest

Congratulations to my faithful reader, Maria, who won the 300th Comment Contest.  Have you been wondering what she won?  Well, the suspense is over! I thought a holiday themed prize would be something she could use as we enter the gift giving season. Handmade giftbag and holiday card Matching winebag (with a napkin ring for … Continue reading The 300th Comment Contest

Helpful Hump-Day Hints 08/01/12

Seriously?  How is it August?  Where did July go, or the summer for that matter?  I am so behind....time to jump right in... I usually start this in July, but clearly this year, I'll be starting it in August!  It's time for my Christmas Present Excel Spreadsheet.  Yes, you heard me correctly!  Christmas!  Each year … Continue reading Helpful Hump-Day Hints 08/01/12