My Friday Favorites 03.31.17

Happy Friday! Here is my roundup of the things I’m loving this week.

On TV – Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode reminded me why I loved the show when it first began. From the first moment with a Meredith voiceover talking about her Mom, to the doctors disagreeing over a patient’s treatment because the stakes are so high, this was old school Grey’s Anatomy! It even felt like it was shot in a reminiscent way (an elevator door coming between possible love, a daughter following her mother out of an ambulance) so it did not surprise me when I realized that it was Ellen Pompeo’s director debut. What was the rest of Ellis’s sentence??? Tell Meredith not to……what do you think?


On the Page – Do you want to know genius storage tricks? 17 ways to add color to every room? To read a moving story about a family and their late father’s bucket list? And to see Octavia Spencer’s fun spring wardrobe? Check out Good Housekeeping’s April issue.

GHK040117_051On the Web – This is the time of year that I am not always thrilled at work. As a teacher, the “standardized testing season” can be long, unfulfilling, and demoralizing for students and teachers alike. Every teacher should read I Can’t Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems by Sara Holbrook. The poet admits that she cannot answer questions on a 7th grade standardized test about poems she authored. Teachers – just breathe! It will all be over soon! (Sidebar – don’t forget your fitbits!)

standardized tests

On Instagram – Nothing says spring like the flood of rainbow colors on Instagram! My pick this week is the wonderfully color-coded bath accessories displayed by The Organizing Store. This deserves all of the heart-emoji smiley faces and rainbows you can type!


On the Playlist – Bon Jovi’s This House is Not for Sale album, as I prepare to see them tonight in concert! I’m liking this new album, but, I can’t wait to hear them sing their oldies including my all time favorite Bon Jovi song… drumroll…. Who Says You Can’t Go Home!JBJ_touronsale_bnr
Hope you have a great weekend! Let me know some of your favorite things AND what you think Ellis Grey wanted to tell Meredith in the comments below!

My Friday Favorites 07.29.16

On TV – I just discovered OWN’s new drama Greenleaf. I caught up on demand and watched live this week. The Greenleaf family runs the Calvary megachurch in Memphis. This drama is filled with scandal, deceit, cover-ups, and family secrets. In the latest episode, Grace got the evidence she needed against Uncle Mac, the verdict in the Officer Daniel Nelson case was revealed, and tragedy struck again in response. This week’s episode started with a disclaimer that it was filmed in January and it understood the topic of crimes committed by and against the police were even more relevant today.
On the Page – Better Homes and Gardens August issue takes a look into a home that’s created great work and display spaces, new recipes for green beans, beautiful hydrangeas, and how to pack a throwback 1956 picnic.

On the Web – I could not stop laughing as I scrolled through Glamour’s article, 20 TV Shows to Watch on Netflix When You’re Feeling Stressed. Parks and Recreation, Gilmore Girls (returning in November!) Grey’s Anatomy… the Riggins GIFs!! Anything on HGTV – I know there have been times when I click on HGTV and go about my business in the house as if I flipped on a radio. My only addition to this list would be One Tree Hill. What would you add to this list?


In the Garden – I’m very proud of myself this summer. I decided to cut my spending money on fresh herbs and try to grow some myself. I have the absolute opposite of a green thumb so this was a daring experiment. I picked spearmint, basil and cilantro. The basil and spearmint have taken off! I have fresh basil in my salads and fresh mint in my water everyday! The cilantro…. hasn’t done as well. I need to research that one a little more. Since I’ve had 2/3 success, I think I should try a few more so I can completely stop spending money on herbs. I found this chart from Country Living and I’m printing it and hanging it on my fridge! At first I thought there were no cilantro tips, until I took a closer look, and saw it says to look at coriander. 


In your Coffee Mug – I love coffee. I love ice coffee. I love cinnamon. I love that Starbucks is sharing this recipe so I can make this at home and not spend $5. 


On Instagram – So, I’m switching schools next year and teaching a grade I haven’t taught in 20 years! (yay and gulp!) I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to organize my classroom library. I first saw this pic on @teacherspayteachers (one of my favorite websites.) It inspires me and gives me so many ideas! The photo is originally from @kindercraze, so of course I had to check her page out and you should, too!



What things are you loving this week? And how do you keep your fresh cilantro alive?!? Leave me a comment and let me know! Have a great weekend. 

My Friday Favorites 07.22.16

Happy Friday! I hope today is the start of a great weekend for you and yours.
Here are the things I am loving this week!

On TV – Judges Cuts are all done on America’s Got Talent and the live shows start next week. But this week I’m picking one of my favorite summer shows – Suits. Season 6 begins with Mike going to prison and Jessica, Louis and Harvey doing everything in their power to keep PSL in business.  Harvey came through like he always does – but this time it cost him something very personal.

On the Page – I just got Real Simple‘s August issue in the mail and I couldn’t wait to read it cover to cover! “How to use paint to transform just about anything” is RIGHT up my alley (look at my past outdoor makeovers using mainly spray paint to transform old furniture here and here.)


On the Web – Lately I’ve been enjoying reading Crazy Organized tips for how to keep everything neat, organized and together. I love her Paper Organization Series and her Fast Fix Friday posts.


For My Classroom – I went into Walmart for beach chairs for my vacation – and came out with 30 notebooks from the back-to-school aisle. Even though I was cursing that the school supply aisles were already in full force – I could not help but scoop up these adorable math notebooks for my daily “Solve-It” problems. Next I need to make cute name labels for everyone!


On Instagram – Loving the That Color Coding System Though post on ‘s IG account.  Click through to the great blog post on her color-coding systems.  Of course I heart all of this!


What are you loving this week? Leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading.

Color-Code for April Showers

Today’s let’s chat about how color-coding doesn’t have to always be about filing and cleaning and organizing… it can also be to brighten your day! Tomorrow is April which means the rainy weather is going to start up. But as the old saying goes, if we get through it – it brings May flowers and spring time.

Here’s how color-coding can brighten up your rainy days:

Buy a fun and colorful umbrella to match your already sunny, bright rain coat!

rain coat 2rain coat 3 umbrella

To complete the look, you must get a pair of hot pink wellies!

rain coat wellies 2

rain coat wellies

What happens when you find ANOTHER umbrella that matches your raincoat?

My CCL_blue and yellow rain gear

My CCL_blue umbrella

You get it, of course, because it also matches your bag!

My CCL umbrella and bag

Let the kids pick out bright color-coded rain gear, too!

My CCL kids rain gear

My CCL olivia umbrella

olivia rain 2

olivia rain

What cheerful colors do you like to wear in rainy weather? Do you have a favorite coat, umbrella, or pair of wellies? Start there and create your ensemble. It will make leaving the house in the rain more fun! Leave me a comment and tell me all about your color-coded outfits.

Have a great day…this weekend is almost here!


My Friday Favorites 02.12.16

Friday Favorites gingham
Here are all the things I am loving this week!

On TV – TGIT is finally back! The winter break finale of Scandal seemed to land us right back to the beginning of the whole story. Many think this show is not as good as when it started. The story line has been up and down, but lately I think the show is at the top of its game. Ever since Shonda Rhimes publicly admitted she knows exactly how and when Scandal will end, I watch every episode through that lens. How is this episode a move on the chessboard to get Olivia and company to the end of their story? The shot from the finale in November with Olivia in the oval standing on the seal, I believe, was the most obvious hint so far. Olivia in the oval – and not as some sidekick First Lady. This week’s episode furthered this theory for me and added a twist. Will it be a Grant / Pope ticket? And I am not talking about Fitz here. And if it is – whose name is first? Did anyone else catch Jake say to the President TWICE while visiting him on The White House balcony – he needs to get a view like that?  Oh poor, one-dimensional Fitz telling him there was only one way to get that view. (I bet Bill Clinton never thought that…)  I think Jake knows better and wouldn’t mind being called the First Man, especially now with his other full time gig of head of the NSA.

Featured-image-Ride-Sally-RideOn the Page –  I have been very dedicated to meal prepping for the week on Sundays for a little over a year now. The benefits include eating healthier and saving time during the week. It feels great to have big check on your to-do list before your Monday morning alarm even goes off.  Real Simple’s January 2016 has a great article, Sunday Prep School, complete with tips and step by step directions minimize your time in the kitchen to maximize your time at the table with your family. The article isn’t online yet, but here is one with some more suggestions: 10 Ways to Speed Up Dinner Prep Times

real simple_sunday meal prep 1

On the Web –This one was laugh out loud funny. This is a perfect guide for Valentine’s Day gift giving for couples who might not have romance on the agenda for the weekend. 10 Realistic Dos and Don’ts For Couples with Young Kids  You can read more hilarious posts like this one on the author, Brooke Arellano’s blog Crazy Mama Drama 


On InstagramI love searching the hashtag #colorcoded because I find the best pictures and people! This week I came across- Done & Done Home Decor with this fabulously color-coded, organized, red craft supplies photo – if this didn’t get picked as one of my Friday Favs then seriously, what would? Also their motto is – We organize your life. Sign.Me.Up.

done and done home

Have a great weekend and Valentine’s Day. May you not have to clean up anything in your bed after your kids serve you breakfast with love. Leave me a comment and let me know what your Friday Favorites are. Thanks for reading.

My Friday Favorites 05.01.15


I’m not blaming Shonda Rhimes this week for the lateness on this post.  I could just call it This Week’s Favorites, but it just doesn’t sound as good.  Oh well – here we go- all my favorites this week – one day late again!

On TV- Lots going on again on TV this week.  I caught up entirely on Scandal. Yes, I watched Grey’s with the secret hope that Huck would show up and bang on Derek’s chest, too.  I’m also finally catching up on Suits!  This week my favorite is NBC’s crossover week of Chicago Fire, Law and Order SUV, and Chicago PD. Independently, I love all the shows, but they are even better when their story lines match up and we get to see all the characters working together to bring justice to Chicago and NY. My only question – when will the writers have Severide and Lindsay interact again? We have been spending a little bit of time at the hospital Chicago Med lately, and wouldn’t you know, with an announcement this week, I’ll have another show to add to the DVR list this fall.

NBC Crossover Week

On the Bookshelf – Simon, the new Gemiknight novel, is a modern-day Hamlet for YA readers, now available at Amazon.

In my Cocktail Glass – Just in time for the Kentucky Derby, stir up a classic Mint Julep, recipe from Southern Living


On my Pinterest Boards- This file system pin on the board Be Organized led me to the website Operation Organization and the post 10 Ways to Simplify Your Life by Color Coding.  Her color coding round-up included this filing system from A Bowl Full of LemonsDo I really need to explain why this is on my favorites list? Obviously, following all these now!

10 ways to Simplify Your Life by Color Coding from Operation Organization

On my Instagram–   Target had the brilliant idea of using these adorable tea tins as vases.  Great colors and I love things in threes!


On my Twitter Feed-  O The Oprah Magazine ‏@O_Magazine   6 and 1/2 things you should stop expecting from other people 


On my Playlist-  After watching the “Unmask Her Beauty” episode of The Royals, I pushed rewind on the final scene, not because of the “romantic” moment, but rather I wanted to hear the song again.  I did some digging on the internet, but came up empty. For this show, I wish E! Channel would take a page out of the CW’s handbook and include what music you hear during the episode and how to buy it.  I tried searching again this week and found the name and artist – Safe House by Sofi Sofi. I couldn’t find anywhere to purchase or download the song until a You Tube user posted it.

Liam and Ophelia_TheRoyals_Safe House by Sofi Sofi

While we are on the subject of the Royals — the real Royals welcomed a baby girl, fifth in line for the throne (she can party it up like Eleanor with no heir issues.) At press time of this post – no name yet!


What are your favorites this week? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading.

My Friday Favorites 04.24.15

FF apples grn

This post was all ready to go on Thursday night.
I had it scheduled to post Friday morning.
And then I watched Grey’s Anatomy.

Here is what I had written:
On TV-
  This week Mad Men continued to prove why it is one of the best television shows ever made. “The Forecast” had our beloved characters all looking towards the future: Peggy and her performance review, Joan’s newest possibility for love, and Don, ultimately standing alone outside of his now sold penthouse.  I loved Roger’s monologue about his second divorce,  Don’s elevator ride with the waitress and his neighbors, and the reintroduction of Glen.  The scene with Sally and Don at the bus was one of the best written scenes of the entire series.

“You know what I’m going to write down, for my dream? I want to get on that bus,
and get away from you and mom, and hopefully be a different person than you two.”
“You are like your mother and me, and you are going to find that out.
You’re a very beautiful girl. It’s up to you to be more than that.”


I still stand by the choice of Mad Men as incredible television this week. But HOW could I not mention the surprising and incredibly ironic death of a TV character every woman has swooned over sometime in the past eleven years?  At first, I too, was shocked. Why? Logistically, Patrick Dempsey was still in the middle of a two year contract. Storyline, MerDer, who have been secondary characters in the past few seasons were resurfacing as the couple who millions of people watched for years.  After all the tragedies that Derrick has survived, (being shot, a plane crash) it was the negligence of doctors that cost him his life. We got to hear his own account of how he, the brilliant neurosurgeon, would have handled his own case. Despite the fact that one doctor (Scandal’s Jeanine – the White House Intern Fitz supposedly had an affair with – remember we are in Shondaland) was insisting a CT should have been ordered, this idea was refuted, and when the on-call surgeon was going to take over an hour to come in, Dr. Sheppard told us himself, it would be too late. It is my belief that the show is and always will be Meredith’s story of her resilience.  And even though this is a widely unpopular turn of events, I get it.  How will Meredith cope with the loss of Derrick, raise two kids on her own, and continue her important career?  She will fight on the same way she has through everything else.  As I think back to last season when Cristina said good-bye, her thoughts to Meredith were really a big clue we were heading to a Post-McDreamy Grey’s Anatomy.

“You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind.
Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need.

He’s very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.” 

Of course, we just thought they are breaking up or he is moving to D.C. – but again, I remind you, we are still in Shondaland.

On the Page-  I’m reading lots of articles in the May 2015 Parents magazine including Be Cautious of Rewards, Put on Your Toddler Googles, Busy Morning Breakfasts, and The Ten Most Influential Millennial Moms. I bookmarked the How to Rock Your Disney Trip for a year to come.


On the Computer- The blog I am loving these days is Live Colorful. These DIY Colorful Panels for Your Wall are a great way to use color in a practical way in an office or bedroom. I also enjoyed reading Color and Branding for Bloggers that include why different bloggers picked their color palettes.

DIY: Colorful Panels for Your Walls | Live Colorful

In My Shopping Cart – When I arrived at Target at 10 am last Sunday, the only Lilly Pulitzer left were the signs hanging from the ceiling.  The Target crew told me they sold out in 6 minutes.  I knew that would be the case. I still bought Olivia some new spring / summer clothes from the many adorable and affordable options.  Maybe this dress isn’t Lilly, but it was only $8!


On My Wish List – How cool is this Rainbow Keyboard Cover for MacBook by Kuzy Products?  I need this in My Color-Coded Life!


On my Twitter Feed-  · 25 Simple Ways for Moms to RELAX! Seriously – we need this!

Feeling overwhelmed and run down? Working way too hard? 25 simple ways for moms to relax and recharge. Moms - you need this!

I was a little long winded in the TV section this week, but really – can you blame me?  What are your favorites this week? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading.

Happy 3rd Birthday My Color-Coded Life

CCL_3Thank you for continuing to read My Color-Coded Life.  I hope it has helped you out in some way, large or small, to organize or find systems that work for you. Am I the most organized person in the world?  No, I am not.  I’m just trying to hold it all together while working and taking care of my family and home. At this three year mark of blogging, I want to take a moment and thank my wonderful husband who helps keep our family and home together every single day. I could not do any of this without him and the fact that he tolerates me taking pictures and blogging to the world is another huge bonus! I first started this blog as a creative outlet for myself, but am so pleased at how many of you have joined in as faithful readers and commenters. Happy 3rd Birthday to My Color-Coded Life and THANK YOU for stopping by and reading.

Thanks for Reading!

My Color-Coded Life is 2!

Happy Birthday to My Color-Coded Life and thank you for coming along and reading for the past two years!

Even though there have been times where I have put this blog to the side while other things in my life have taken over, I am happy I have stuck with it!  I have noticed that this is the time of year I am good about blogging, so I hope that holds true this spring too.  After all, I have a lot of projects going on that I can’t wait to share with you.

I also have some other news — after 10 years — I am going back to teaching full time this week!  I am very excited to be heading back to the classroom. I am sure at some point some classroom projects will make good blog entries – although I have always tried to keep this separate from my work life!

Hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring and thank you again for reading with me for the past two years!