My Friday Favorites 03.31.17

Happy Friday! Here is my roundup of the things I’m loving this week.

On TV – Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode reminded me why I loved the show when it first began. From the first moment with a Meredith voiceover talking about her Mom, to the doctors disagreeing over a patient’s treatment because the stakes are so high, this was old school Grey’s Anatomy! It even felt like it was shot in a reminiscent way (an elevator door coming between possible love, a daughter following her mother out of an ambulance) so it did not surprise me when I realized that it was Ellen Pompeo’s director debut. What was the rest of Ellis’s sentence??? Tell Meredith not to……what do you think?


On the Page – Do you want to know genius storage tricks? 17 ways to add color to every room? To read a moving story about a family and their late father’s bucket list? And to see Octavia Spencer’s fun spring wardrobe? Check out Good Housekeeping’s April issue.

GHK040117_051On the Web – This is the time of year that I am not always thrilled at work. As a teacher, the “standardized testing season” can be long, unfulfilling, and demoralizing for students and teachers alike. Every teacher should read I Can’t Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems by Sara Holbrook. The poet admits that she cannot answer questions on a 7th grade standardized test about poems she authored. Teachers – just breathe! It will all be over soon! (Sidebar – don’t forget your fitbits!)

standardized tests

On Instagram – Nothing says spring like the flood of rainbow colors on Instagram! My pick this week is the wonderfully color-coded bath accessories displayed by The Organizing Store. This deserves all of the heart-emoji smiley faces and rainbows you can type!


On the Playlist – Bon Jovi’s This House is Not for Sale album, as I prepare to see them tonight in concert! I’m liking this new album, but, I can’t wait to hear them sing their oldies including my all time favorite Bon Jovi song… drumroll…. Who Says You Can’t Go Home!JBJ_touronsale_bnr
Hope you have a great weekend! Let me know some of your favorite things AND what you think Ellis Grey wanted to tell Meredith in the comments below!

My Friday Favorites 06.17.16

Happy Friday! Here are all the things I’m loving this week!

On TV –  The new season of America’s Got Talent is underway. I have never watched this show before, but was intrigued to tune in after seeing many stories and social media posts about the 12 year old ukulele playing girl that got the Willy Wonka golden ticket. I caught up with the episodes on demand and watched episode three in real time. The golden buzzer has been rung in each episode, first by Mel B, next by Howie, and this week, by Heidi. Scenes for next week show Simon reaching for it …

America's Got Talent - Season 11

AMERICA’S GOT TALENT — “Auditions Pasadena Civic Auditorium” — Pictured: Sal Valentinetti — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

TV side note-  Orange is the New Black Season 4 is available today on Netflix!

On the Page – The July’s Good Housekeeping is the “Steals and Deals” issue. Filled with the inside scoop on the best sales, home decor steals, travel tips, and barbecue recipes it’s the perfect magazine to throw in your pool / beach bag and read cover to cover. 

good housekeeping july

On Instagram – I love all the different home decor Instagram contests. This week,  I participated in #justanothermantelmonday .  The winner was also my favorite pic posted! Clocks! Sunflowers! Glass Vases! Vintage books! Shiplap wall! Check out  I Dream of Homemaking for more gorgeous pics like the winner below. 


In the Kitchen – I found this recipe and blog through Instagram, too. Check out @foodbymaria for gorgeous pictures of healthy food! Don’t just push the like heart – click through to her blog for amazing recipes like this Lentil and Quinoa Salad that caught my eye. I’m very excited that summer salad season is upon us. Can’t wait to try this one!


Wishing you all a great weekend. It is the last day of school for me so I am very excited to start summer vacation! Happy, happy Father’s Day out there to all the men celebrating especially my dad, Bob, and my wonderful husband, Larry!

What are you loving this week? Leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading.

My Friday Favorites 03.25.16

FF apples grn

On TV – This week on MTV’s Awkward we found out what really happened to Matty and Jenna during their first semester off in college. Their destiny is not so unrealistic (high school couple decide to stay together but grow apart) but of course it is not this simple – add in 100% of Jenna / Matty drama and you get the real story…which she only reveals to her ex-boyfriend / current hook-up Luke!. Not sure how I feel about enemies Tamara and Sadie becoming besties in New York, but Jake and Lissa staying in their hometown and reuniting is a funny, if not awkward development.  

(Full disclosure – was this my favorite? Or only thing I watched?  On my DVR I have 4 to 5 episodes of EACH of these shows to watch: Chicago Fire, PD and Med, Law and Order, SVU, How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Quantico and Suits!) 

On the Page – March’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens is packed from cover to cover. Things that got a post-it note from me: striped manicures, ombre shower curtains, cocktails to party like it’s 1965, clutter patrol, and What Are You Afraid Of? (an article on how to conquer the most common fears.) 

BHG_marchOn the Web – I don’t know how you feel about it, but I cannot stand when this image pops up on my phone. And it ALWAYS appears right when I want to take a great pic (but apparently never when my students get a hold of my phone and take 50 selfies of themselves.) Good Housekeeping tells us 12 iPhone Storage Tricks That Everyone Should Know.


On InstagramOne account I seem to always hit the like-heart on every picture is @jensfreshvintage This week I heart, heart, heart the aqua wellies she is dreaming about. I went back and forth with what color wellies I wanted this season and ultimately went with a hot pink – but these aqua ones are delicious, too!! 


In the Kitchen – Now that the calendar says it’s spring and Easter is this weekend – it seems only fitting to start baking some delicious cakes! Check out 25 Layered Cakes That Are On A Whole Different Level from Buzz Feed’s Community page.

On the Scoreboard – We are in the thick of March Madness which is one of my favorite sporting events to watch. I’m cheering for my alma mater, Villanova University,  who has made it to the Elite Eight. As any true Villanova fan will tell you, we have had our share of heartache watching our team over the years. Could this be the first year since I was in seventh grade that ‘Nova actually wins the championship?!?!?!  Good luck Villanova Wildcats who take on Kansas tomorrow night. V for Villanova, V for Victory.

Happy Friday! What are you loving this week? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have a great weekend!

My Friday Favorites 05.15.15


On TV – So many great season finales this week.  Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, SCANDAL! (Lizzie Bear, how could you? Mellie! Cyrus?!  How did Olivia get on that balcony? I’m not happy – I’m #TeamJake.) Chicago Fire, PD, and Law & Order SVU are all on my DVR to watch this weekend.  We still have one final episode left of Mad Men, but the scene that haunted me all week was Betty finding out her ultimate fate when her doctor was telling her husband as she sat alone on the exam table.  I wonder if Betty Draper read Chelsea Handler’s article in the Huffington Post before she wrote Sally that letter?

Betty finds out_Mad-Men-Season_7_episode_13

On the Computer – This was a great read on Mother’s Day.  I have always been a Chelsea Handler fan – I know people either love her or hate her and I fall on the heart side. I think I really like her because when I was younger I was always sort of the “loud mouth funny one” of the group.  This article had me relating to her in even more ways. Here’s Why I am My Mother’s Daughter by Chelsea Handler on The Huffington Post’s Women Blog 

headshot_Chelsea Handler

On the Page – The June issues of all my magazines have started to arrive, so I know what I will being doing while drinking my morning coffee this weekend. The last of my favorites from my May issues is Good Housekeeping.  I loved the cover story / interview with Kristen Bell.  First, despite being from Hollywood, she looks like she’s had two babies. Next, I loved that she insisted that the Frozen character, Anna, be a less-than-perfect princess if she was going to play her. Lastly, she was honest about the ups and downs of her marriage and admitted that staying in a happy relationship sometimes takes work. Oh, and there’s also an awesome article on waffles.


In My Freezer – I eat two bananas a day.  It is one fruit I never get tired of eating. This recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to have these treats in my freezer this summer.  Chocolate Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites from A Healthy Slice of Life.


For the Home – One thing my daughter has a ton of is books!  Here are some great storage solutions – 19 Unique Ways to Store and Display Your Tots’ Books from Pop Sugar.

Reading-Corner_from PopSugar

For My Parenting Toolbox – As summer draws closer, we feel the pressure to organize the “perfect” vacation.   To help you plan, read Ann Rivall’s When to Splurge and When to Save On a Family Vacation from the Huff Post Parents.


On Instagram – All You Magazine – Put old maps to good use by using them to cover a notebook. Click here for a tutorial. 

All You_Instagram

On my Twitter Feed –@marieclaire ·8 Beauty Secrets Straight from Royalty  Who doesn’t want to look like royalty? Especially Kate post-baby (yes, I’m still talking about that.) Here are some tips from the real life princesses.

Marie Clare _8 Beauty Tips from Royalty

Happy Friday everyone.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you are loving this week. One week until Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, and I can’t wait! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

My Friday Favorites 04.10.15

  Friday Favorites ginghamOn TV- This week marked the final return of Mad Men – an end of an era. We got a glimpse of a Don and Roger we used to know, reminiscent of earlier seasons, double dating with women enamored by their money and power.  Don is continuing to be reflective of his life, decisions, and relationships. Learning of the fate of Rachel Menken seemed to only be the tip of what we have in store in the final six episodes.

Mad Men _Season 7

On the Page-  The April 2015 issue of Good Housekeeping has its usually great articles on home decor and recipes, but what I love most is More Bliss. Less Stress. A to Z Happiness Boosters to Try Today.  From Appreciate, Bake, and Change Your Commute all the way to Wine, X-press Yourself, Youtube and ZZzz … twenty-six easy little tricks to energize your attitude.  This is a current issue so you can’t view it online, but here is a similar article: 8 Things You Should Do Every Single Day. 


On the Computer- Whenever I start to organize a room, an area, even just a drawer – I grab a trash bag!   Declutter First Organize Later by Simpleigh Organized includes great bullet points on how to declutter, while reminding us that it really is the first step to organization.  Only keep what makes you happy, the things you LOVE!  I love these ideas. 


In the Kitchen- I have been very committed to drinking only water during the day.  I put lemon my water to spruce it up a little.  I was looking for some new ways to dress up my water and found Citrus Coconut Soda.  Yes this is a soda recipe, but all these delicious fruits would also be great in just straight H2O.  And if I want a little treat, I could have the soda once in awhile!


In My Parenting Toolbox- The great read in the New York Times  Our Push for “Passion.” and Why it Harms Kids is a terrific reminder to all parents to let our kids learn, explore, discover, experiment, try, succeed, fail – it’s all OK!  Don’t worry about what the admissions people at insert name of “the best school in your region” here are going to be thinking about when you decide whether or not to sign your kid up for a club, sport, or extra curricular activity.  Just ask your kid – do you want to try this?


Hope this week allowed you to find some of your favorite things.  What were they? Leave me a comment and let me know.   Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

My Friday Favorites 02. 20.15

Friday Favorites gingham

I hope you all had a fabulous week and have dug out of the snow if you live in the northeast part of the USA. Here are all my favorites this week.

On TV –

  • I have not written a Friday Favorites in awhile and I have a lot of TV catching up to do on my DVR.  I know it was not this week but I MUST give my Friday Favorite to Parenthood.  For six years, I laughed and cried along with this show every Thursday.  The finale was PERFECT.  I rank it in my top 5 best ever finales. (hmmm… maybe that’s another blog post.)  What do Peter Krause and Matt Lauria have in common?  Both have been part of TWO best-ever series finales. Parenthood and Six Feet Under (Krause) & Friday Night Lights (Lauria.)  Who is not included in that?  Lauren Graham.  I just finished Gilmore Girls on Netflix and that was one of the WORST series finales I have ever seen!  Glad Parenthood came through for us!



On the Page – 

  • The Good Housekeeping March 2015 issue is making me so happy.  The cover says it all – ” You can organize your life!”  This issue comes just in time for me to start my Spring Break to-do list.


In the Kitchen –

Easy-15-Minute-Maple-Spice-SquashThis recipes makes 4 servings (about 1 cup per serving.)
I’m back on Weight Watchers and using her calculations 1 cup = 4 points.

For my Homemakover- 

  • We have ripped down a lot of wallpaper, and we still have much more to do.  Our third bedroom, which is currently being used as an office / den is one room where we did not even begin to think about taking down the wallpaper.  And at this point – I can’t even imagine tearing it all down.  So I am attempting to “work with what I’ve got.”  Here’s a picture of the wallpaper.  It can make you a little dizzy!  My brain is in overdrive and I am determined to turn these old, americana, psychedelic patterned walls into a vintage treasure of a room! (Hint – the silver and black are popping out to me.) Stay tuned!


Hope you had a great week.  Leave me a comment and let me know the things you are loving this week.  Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!