Patio Makeover

After showing pictures of my mother-in-law's successful porch design to my friend, she asked for my help getting her patio set up. Her needs: place to grill and to eat, a spot to relax, an area for the kids to play and a fun, bright design that would make her forget she rented her shore … Continue reading Patio Makeover

My Friday Favorites 04.01.16

On TV -  Sometimes I get so caught up with Olivia Pope that I forget about my first favorite TV Olivia: Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU. The last few episodes have been great including this week's Episode 18 "Sheltered Outcasts" directed by Mariska Hargitay and guest starring Michael Rapaport. Carisi is becoming one of my favorite … Continue reading My Friday Favorites 04.01.16

Using Kitchen Items to Organize Your Life

Inspired by an article I read in HGTV Magazine's March issue, today's Helpful Hump-day Hints show how I use everyday kitchen items to organize my life. I'll start with the most obvious - coffee mugs.  I have a ton of coffee mugs (it is the go-to teacher gift, people must think we love telling ourselves … Continue reading Using Kitchen Items to Organize Your Life

I’m still talking about Autumn, it’s Thanksgiving First!

I know the halls are all decked in every store with snowflakes and Christmas music, but I stand firm in celebrating the holidays in order! That plus I'm still getting through my stack of fall themed, pumpkin covered magazines. I was reading Better Homes and Gardens October issue (yes I'm that far behind in my … Continue reading I’m still talking about Autumn, it’s Thanksgiving First!