Honey Bourbon Lemonade

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I saw this recipe as a video on The Kitchn’s Facebook page the same week my husband received a bottle of Wild Turkey Honey Bourbon as a gift from our brother-in-law. What other conclusion could I draw except it was meant to be the drink of the week?


You can watch the video and see their recipe on how to make this drink here.

In my typical fashion, I adjusted the recipe a little bit based on what ingredients I already had. (No need to shop when making a cocktail!)

I didn’t have pure lemon juice, but I did have lemon sour mix.  Knowing that the sour mix already has sugars and sweeteners in it, I reduced the amount of simple syrup.

1 cup honey bourbon
2 cups lemon sour mix
1 cup simple sugar (made from 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water)
1 quart water
With these proportions, the drink is still sweet.  If you prefer more tart, reduce or eliminate the simple sugar.

Stir and serve offer ice! In cute vintage sour cream glasses if you have them.

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Enjoy – It’s almost Friday!



I Heart U

Happy Valentines’ Day from My Color-Coded Life. My Pinterest News Feed has been filled with red hearts, candy, and cute ways to make the perfect valentines for weeks now.  When I was in my 20s, I HATED this holiday, so much in fact, that my mom started sending me funny valentines each year signed with statements like – “On your favorite holiday…”   But now I choose to embrace it for what’s it is worth – saying you care to the loved ones around you.   Last year around this time, I was trying to organize a dinner date night out with two other couples we are friends with.  We finally decided – why don’t we just do Valentine’s Day?  It’s free on all of our calendars – and it will take the pressure off our husbands to make a plan for what I assume is the most dreaded holiday for men!  This year we are continuing the tradition.

Here are some things we are up to for this heart holiday.

Last year, I was in charge of dessert. I found this post through Pinterest. Valentine Cake DIY from The Busy Bee .  Here is my attempt and final product. 




How did I do? This year I’m hosting and my friend Leigh is going to attempt this cake from bhg.com.

Valentine's Cake from bhg.com

I do like to give Valentine’s Day gifts to teachers.  I feel like it is a non-religious holiday so giving a little gift is just showing you are thankful for them and what they do every day for your child(ren.) This year I found this adorable post including the printable: Bee Mine Valentine Card Template from Make It Do.   There is a non-intentional bee theme going on here!  I love this idea of giving honey (especially if the teachers are tea drinkers.)  Here is my attempt:

bee mine honey giftsI like the red gingham ribbon used by the Make it Do people, my velvet red ribbon reads a little Christmas-y to me, but I was trying to just use what I had and not bring anymore crafty stuff into my house right now! (You’re welcome, Larry.)

I wrapped these up in the adorable handmade Valentine’s bags my sister makes. I included a few tea bags with each honey, too.  Plus we did one – stop shopping with this all inclusive Valentine’s kit including 24 cards and stickers we found at Target.  (It did not have envelopes, which I found odd.)

valentines gifts


I am also continuing my collection of Valentine’s cards that Larry and I have exchanged with each other since we first started dating.  This box sits on our mantel and every year when I put it out I read them.

Valentine Card Box


Hope you have a nice day today surrounded by those you love.  Enjoy the long weekend if you have President’s day off.  I heart U for reading!