My Friday Favorites 1.11.19

On the Big Screen:Mary Poppins Returns. If you have not seen Emily Blunt as the no nonsense, singing nanny everyone loves to love - then run to your nearest movie theater! The story, the songs, the cast, the Dick Van Dyke cameo - all perfection! This movie will be enjoyed from ages 5 to 105, … Continue reading My Friday Favorites 1.11.19

My Friday Favorites 07.29.16

On TV - I just discovered OWN's new drama Greenleaf. I caught up on demand and watched live this week. The Greenleaf family runs the Calvary megachurch in Memphis. This drama is filled with scandal, deceit, cover-ups, and family secrets. In the latest episode, Grace got the evidence she needed against Uncle Mac, the verdict in the … Continue reading My Friday Favorites 07.29.16

My Friday Favorites 04.01.16

On TV -  Sometimes I get so caught up with Olivia Pope that I forget about my first favorite TV Olivia: Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU. The last few episodes have been great including this week's Episode 18 "Sheltered Outcasts" directed by Mariska Hargitay and guest starring Michael Rapaport. Carisi is becoming one of my favorite … Continue reading My Friday Favorites 04.01.16