My Friday Favorites 05.01.15

I'm not blaming Shonda Rhimes this week for the lateness on this post.  I could just call it This Week's Favorites, but it just doesn't sound as good.  Oh well - here we go- all my favorites this week - one day late again! On TV- Lots going on again on TV this week.  I caught … Continue reading My Friday Favorites 05.01.15

15 Reasons I Know It’s Fall

15 Reasons I know it's Fall: 15. No more iced caramel coffees, bring on the hot pumpkin spice lattes. 14. Blankets come out of the linen closet and are placed on the end of the beds. 13. School supply aisles become school supply sections. Notebooks for brand new to-do lists and schedules. Highlighters! Post-its! Sharpies! 12. Cardigan sweaters … Continue reading 15 Reasons I Know It’s Fall