Suits Recap – “Discovery” S02/Ep04

“So you’re saying working for me is punishment?” – Louis       “As far as I am concerned, this whole conversation is punishment.” – Harvey We begin with Louis kissing up to Daniel and Daniel calling him on it.  Daniel tells Louis that he would like Mike to work on the next case with him.  He … Continue reading Suits Recap – “Discovery” S02/Ep04

Suits Recap – “Meet the New Boss” S02/Ep03

“What is your problem?” – Daniel              “People say I’m emotional unavailable.” – Harvey Jessica welcomes Daniel back at the top of a meeting of the senior partners and Daniel assures everyone that Jessica is still in charge – he is number 2.   Right after his speech, he tries to lend a hand in a case … Continue reading Suits Recap – “Meet the New Boss” S02/Ep03

Suits Recap – “The Choice” S02/Ep02

“Since when do I take marching orders from a bowtie? – Harvey The firm looks like a construction zone as Daniel Hardman is building and redecorating a new office.  Jessica notices that he has taken her tea set from her office and declares war.  Lewis is concerned about who he answers to, and Jessica, trying … Continue reading Suits Recap – “The Choice” S02/Ep02

Suits Recap – “She Knows” S02/Ep01

“A second ago you thought you were getting whacked. Now you want an office?” – Harvey We kick off the second season with Mike being summoned to dinner by Jessica.  Understandable, Mike starts to panic that Jessica must know his secret and surely he will be fired.  His wheels are spinning until Harvey lists the … Continue reading Suits Recap – “She Knows” S02/Ep01