Helpful Hump-Day Hints – Buying Toy Collections

HHH gingham

Some of you with a good eye saw there was something else in my purse that I didn’t describe in this week’s Practical Packing post. That’s because I was saving it for now. Today’s Helpful Hump-Day Hint will help you remember what toys your kids already have when you are out trying to buy gifts. In today’s toy world everything is all about collecting. Gone are the days of one doll or character. No! They have a brother or a sister or a cousin or evil step-mother or fancy dragon – and you must buy them all! Or, they are exactly the same but just in every color of the rainbow. Plus the extra outfits, castle, and car!  Sometimes I can barely remember what my daughter likes playing with these days, let alone what’s already in her Toys R Us, I mean, her room.


Under the Altoids box is something I always keep in my purse now. I buy gifts for Christmas and birthdays all year long.  If it’s on sale, I buy it and store it away until the gift giving day arrives. I found myself never knowing what items my daughter already had in whatever series she was collecting. The last time she received a My Little Pony, I had this idea when opening the package.


I asked my daughter to line up the My Little Ponies she has. She loved this. Next, I cut off the top of the wrapping and checked off all the ponies she already owns. Lastly, I tucked this into my purse.


Now when I’m at the store and I see one of these on sale, I pull out this little card to see what ponies she has and which ones she doesn’t. I wonder if Santa does this? Do you have any tricks or hints on how to keep track of toys? Leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Helpful Hump-Day Hints – Buying Toy Collections

  1. Maria says:

    I have Amazon wish lists for Lainie, Ori, Joe, my mom and even myself. Whenever I see something or am asked for something it gets added to the list. As things are bought I make sure to move the items to the purchased section on the wish list. If you buy from Amazon that is automatic but I do it even when I buy from a store.
    Lainie collects Monster High and Ever After High dolls and everything that goes with them! She also loves the My Little Pony horses-she likes the hard to find ones like Derpy. That’s thd grey and yellow one with crossed eyes! I also have a private Pinterest board called Presents. Anytime I see something that reminds me of someone I Pin it. That is good for more unique ideas.

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