My Color TV

Welcome to My Color TV – an extension of the TV section in my weekly posts My Friday Favorites.  Please excuse the volume of posts today and tomorrow, as I update and get this new page started.  It seems that you cannot disable emails sent to your followers. After I get caught up with content, I will post maybe once or twice a week.  As always, thank you for following and reading My Color-Coded Life which now includes My Color TV!

My Color TV will recap all of my favorite shows, let you know who’s talking about what episodes on twitter, and fill you in on anything TV buzz worthy. Need to know who was voted off a show? Who’s hooking up or breaking up on your favorite drama?  Check out the My Color TV page! The drop down menu will be organized by show for easy access to episode recaps and other entertaining articles.  I love hearing your thoughts about what shows you are watching and loving (or hating!) so comments are always welcome.  Let me know where your remote is taking you on your Color TV.

Picture courtesy of the Federal Communication Commissions website

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