My Friday Favorites 07/20/12

If I post this before midnight it will still be Friday, so I’m racing against the clock.  If I don’t post before midnight, oh well I guess – Happy Saturday!

On TV – another good week of TV!  Still watching my usuals.  The Bachelorette  was the Men Tell All this week, which I personally find boring.  It’s more like, the commercials tell all, and by all, we mean not much, so there is no point in watching. Looking forward to the finale on Sunday!  Like any good night time soap opera, it seems as though Elena and Christopher are finally going to get back together on Dallas , but of course life altering obstacles get in the way.  I think the new question is WHERE IS J.R.?  I know he is almost 100 years old, but we need more of him!  Suits  was AWESOME this week.  Harvey / Donna / Bathroom scene.  That’s all I can say!!   My pick for favorite is:

  • Live! with Kelly – this week I ran home from work everyday to click on my DVR and watch the morning talk show as my childhood friend, Michael Buckley, @buckhollywood,  competed to become Kelly’s co-host for a day.  (Admittedly, I have NEVER watched Live! with Kelly before this week!!!)  I am so happy for Michael, as it was announced today, he won the contest and will be sitting next to Kelly on Tuesday for the whole hour as her co-host.  Yes, my DVR is set.  Congrats Michael!!

** Want more of me talking about TV and less on how to organize your closet?  Check back this weekend when I launch My Color TV – a new page on this site that I will devote to TV show recaps and other buzz worthy TV news!**

On the computer –

  • BECKY HUTCHINSON BOOKS ETC MY OPINION – can a film ever truly beat a good book? – the age old debate!  I have had this conversation countless times, including throwing in the variable – what books can be adapted as good stage plays, and which cannot?

 On the page –

  • GLAMOUR – 7 Female 2012 Summer Olympians Who Blow Our Minds – Hats off to all the athletes who are about to compete in London, but congrats to the women on the USA team who outnumber the male athletes for the first time ever.  These seven, Chaunte, McKayla, Natalie, Alex, Hope, Cali, and Khatuna definitely look good in gold.  They are certainly ones to watch!

In the home –

In the Kitchen –

  • I first saw this in ALL YOU magazine – but traced it back to – Sparkling Guava Punch – in the summertime I love alternatives to lemonade and ice tea.

On the wish list –

  • The Land of the Nod – Owl Throw Pillow – I collect owls for my daughter Olivia.  I have lots of different owl pillows and this one is adorable!

On the sales rack –

On my twitter feed –

What were your favorite things this week?  Leave me a comment and tell me your favorites.

It’s now Saturday – I didn’t beat the clock last night, I was too tired!

Have a great weekend!

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