Patio Makeover Part 2

I shared with you the beginning of our Patio Makeover in my previous post.  I have finished spray painting the rest of the chairs.

This chair was in our backyard when we bought our house.

chair before


chair after

This chair was from my childhood.  My mother spray painted it green when I was a kid.

wooden chair before

And after …

wooden chair after


My patio is all set for summer!

Patio side view


Patio view from the yard

I have been enjoying sitting out here during the day while Olivia plays in the yard and enjoying quiet time with a glass of wine and a magazine in the evenings.  I know I want to put lights up, but haven’t decided what kind yet.   I also want to paint the black storm door, but not sure what color.

Have you been working on your outdoor spaces?  Leave a comment and share what you love about your outdoors.  Have a great day and thanks for reading.

15 thoughts on “Patio Makeover Part 2

  1. Angela says:

    Looks great! My parents totally have that blue chair – the exact one! And it needs to be repainted!

    Is that structure set up so that you could cover the patio with a canopy?

    • Maureen says:

      Yes — it is a canopy structure… I go back and forth if I want one or not. We have a big tree which already shades the yard. I have one neighbor that has one and one neighbor that doesn’t. So I can see it both ways. I want to put lights around this year with the paper lanterns. Long term plan … enclosing it to a sunroom! Oh the possibilities!!!

  2. Maria says:

    We have those same green patio chairs. We bought them for our deck when we moved out here. Now we live in a house with an actual backyard! We have the covered portion where we have the chairs set up and we have a huge uncovered portion that we will eventually put patio furniture out on. The thing is, it is so hot here, hot and humid, that it feels uncomfortable to sit outside for long periods of time and we do not get too much shade. Yesterday, Joe had big plans for outback. It was actually quite surprising. I bought him a grill for Father’s Day so his first order of business was to buy paver stones (is that the name of them?), and he created a brick red and cream colored tic tac toe board in the corner of the yard and placed the grill on top. Then at the foot of the area where the covered patio and the uncovered portion meet, there had already been a very sad plastic rimmed area of lava rocks. So, Joe pulled the plastic rim out and replaced with with a different type of red bring as a border, and added pink marble and egg colored rocks to the red lava rocks. Finally, he used 4 left over paver stones to create a place for us to walk into the yard without walking on the actual rocks. I was extremely impressed with all he did and am very excited for the next phase which will be my job. We have a store here called Old Time Pottery that is a huge warehouse full of anything and everything you can imagine and it is not expensive at all. I get to pick outdoor pillows for the chairs, some sort of lights to hang and some decorations that are weather proof to hang on the fences. In the end, we can’t sit out there until maybe October, but it is nice to look out and see a finished project 🙂 I will post a picture on Instagram and tag you in it!

    • Maureen says:

      yes – post a pic — I want to see! We bought Larry a grill for father’s day too!!! so I’m interested in seeing what you set your on … we are trying to figure that all out – where will the grill go – what should we put it on!

  3. Maria says:

    PS: I love the colors you chose and, as usual, love the way you make everything look. You give me tons of inspiration, I just wish I had the actual will to do it all. If I was rich, I would pay for you to fly out here and be my decorator. 🙂

    • Maureen says:

      thanks Maria!!!! Ahhh – I would love to be a decorator! sometimes I think I missed my calling!!!! If you have a room or something I would put a mood board or something together for you. (free of charge of course!!!!) thanks for reading!

  4. Rinda says:

    It is so funny how styles return. We had two chairs like yours when I was a little girl ( in the fifties!). I love your patio, and color choices.

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