Helpful Hump-day Hints – Party Invitations

HHH apples grn

When you get an invitation in the mail, what do you do with it?  Do you put it in your planner? Tack in to the bulletin board above your desk? Hang it with a magnet on your fridge?  I always did the latter, for a long time. I even have this fancy magnet with the word INVITES on it just for this occasion.


Yes, you read that right, past tense, as in, I do not hang invites on my fridge anymore. One too many times this type of scenario happened: I ran out of the house, balancing wrapped presents or a homemade dish, while getting Olivia in the car and all her things, only to realize when I’m a few blocks away, that the invitation is still on the fridge – nicely labeled with the INVITES magnet, but of zero use to me at this point.

Today’s Helpful Hump-day Hint is my new and improved invitation system. Now when I get an invitation in the mail, I record it electronically in my calendar.  Next, I put the invitation with my car keys.  The next time I am going out and grab my keys, I see the invite and bring it to the car with me.  I store all invites in my overhead visor.  Now when I am scrambling to get a celebration on time, I just need to look up to get all the info I need about the party! This is also very helpful when you are shopping for the party – is it superheroes or princesses?  Is it a pot-luck or just a hostess gift? Is it a surprise or no? (You don’t want to text the person with questions about the party from the store if it’s a surprise!)


There is today’s HHH!  Dying for another one?  Check out a Helpful Hump-day Hint about RSVPing to parties/events when you have more than one last name (useful for people who hyphenate, have two last names, or have a different name than your spouse and kids and people still can’t figure that out.)

I love comments! Leave me one below to explain your invitation system.  Remember the comment contests!

We made it to hump-day.  Just a few more days until the weekend.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Helpful Hump-day Hints – Party Invitations

  1. leighalice says:

    Genius! Perhaps a non-car approach to this same trick could be to snap a photo of the invitation and keep it in your camera roll on your phone until the party?

  2. Suzanne says:

    I do the same thing! I RSVP right away (so I don’t forget) and put the invite in the car. It is for this reason that I am not a huge fan of evites! I check my email from the phone and then forget about the evite. They may be good for the environment but my sanity has to count for something too….

    • Maureen says:

      Ha ha! Agreed! Have you seen the “add to my calendar” option on evites? Like you – I check email on phone – then would totally forget about it. Whenever I get an evite, I automatically click – add to calendar. Then next time I’m looking at my calendar and I see it – I know immediately if I can go or not (I can clearly see if something else is on my calendar at the same time.) Thanks for reading Suzanne!

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