Summertime Binder for Barbeque Recipes

This whole idea started when I was flipping through All You magazine and saw this article entitled How to be a Great Griller.  I decided to pull it out for my sister who we visit for 4th of July.  She has always been the griller in our family.  As each summer issue hit my mailbox, there were more and more recipes for the grill.  I decided to put together a whole binder for my sister (even though she usually makes fun of my crafty ways. Obviously this is not the sister who makes the handmade bags.)  I collected up any article I found on backyard barbeques, summertime cocktails, and inventive ways to make burger and dogs.  Here are some pages:

How to be a Great Griller

Burgers and Hot Dogs

drinks to pair with burgers

grilling tips and dessertsas you can see – I also got a pedicure for this trip!

grilling donuts

Summer Sides

Summer Cocktails

For the cover of the binder, I affixed backyard BBQ type stickers to a piece of yellow gingham craft paper and used glue dots to keep it in place under the plastic cover.

summer grill binder

All of the articles are from Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, All You, Better Homes and Gardens, and Cooking Light.

Do you have any favorite barbeque recipes? Leave me a comment and let me know.  Thanks to my sister and her family for another great 4th of July weekend!

2 thoughts on “Summertime Binder for Barbeque Recipes

  1. Leigh Goldenberg says:

    My husband does salmon really well on the grill. We just sprinkle some olive oil, salt, pepper, and any other spices we’re in the mood for on the salmon. Put it on the grill until cooked most of the way through, squeeze some lemon or lime on top, and it’s ready to enjoy! This goes with any grilled veggie sides we may be in the mood for, or a variety of salads.

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