Patio Makeover

After showing pictures of my mother-in-law’s successful porch design to my friend, she asked for my help getting her patio set up. Her needs: place to grill and to eat, a spot to relax, an area for the kids to play and a fun, bright design that would make her forget she rented her shore house out for the summer! She also asked for different storage areas for the excess stuff that accumulates each day. Here are some before pictures:

before ab patio

before couch

before table

She is not in love with these pillow cushions – but did not want to spend money on new ones so she wanted to work around these colors.

blue cushion

orange cushion

Off to Home Depot and Michael’s we went! We debated paint colors and bought a few fun decorative pieces, then we returned to her home and got to work! (I also momentarily lost my phone in the paint aisle which caused some minor panic attacks but it was all good in the end…)

Are you ready for the big reveal???  Drumroll…..

after ab 2

after ab 1

after couch

after chairs

after 3

Plastic storage tubs corral toys together, but can also be used to stash drinks and ice when having guests over.


table centerpiece

Buying ribbon and tying it around mason jars you have lying around the house is an easy and inexpensive way to make colors cohesive in your design

bins for kids

A storage box for each kid

grill prep table

Grill prep table – we took this from her house and gave it a fresh coat of paint

A few days later she sent me another after shot … she had continued painting (see the blue storage bins near the sliding glass door) and moved the furniture around some. I told her if she is anything like me, she would rearrange the furniture 15 more times throughout the summer!

after _ after a day

Price tag:
Home Depot: $70 (with paint left over)
Michael’s: $60
Total: $130

I hope that Annmarie and her family enjoy this patio all summer long!

Are you interested in a patio or porch design? Contact me through direct message on Instagram at @colorcodelife.


4 thoughts on “Patio Makeover

  1. Cassie says:

    That’s amazing! I love the colors, the storage bins, and the lantern. Functional, simple, and very inviting. When’s the BBQ, Budniak? 😜

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