My Friday Favorites 10/05/12

Welcome October!

Here are my Friday Favorites for this week:

On TV- Some good shows this week – Dancing with the Stars,   98 degrees fans voted more than N Sync fans as we said goodbye to Joey Fatone  – Grey’s Anatomy – flashback to what happened after the plane crash, we got to see Mark one last time.  Scandal–  does anyone else think it’s dumb that The President and Olivia really believe they are on a secure line?   Once Upon a Time – Welcome Back to Storybrooke!  And we’ve fallen down the rabbit hole again! Revenge – I knew there was no way Victoria was dead!  666 Park Avenue – a little too “Devil’s Advocate” for me, not sure if I’m keeping this one on my lineup.

My pick for My Friday Favorite’s this week:

  • Parenthood – I love this show! Jasmine is starting to grow on me.  I loved how her family handled the Jabbar situation this week, and how generous she was to Crosby when she reassured him he would be able to relate to Jabbar because he was a boy, 

For more about your favorite TV shows, including episode recaps, check out My Color TV.

On the computer –

This Halloween table originally seen at anna and blue paperie

In the Kitchen –

For the Home –

On the Sales Rack –

  • Yankee Candles – great deals on all your favorite scents.Up to 60% off some candles and accessories.

For the Kids –

For Dessert –

  • Pepperidge Farms Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies – I bought a bag of these and ate half of them watching Thursday night TV last night (Thanks, Shonda Rhimes.)  I won’t even bother posting the Weight Watchers points!

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What were some of your favorite things this week? Leave me a comment and let me know what you are up to and what things out there you love!   We are very close to having a winner of the  300th comment contest.  It could be you!

Happy Friday – have a fantastic weekend and thanks for stopping by and reading!

4 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 10/05/12

  1. Maria says:

    Parenthood was great, as usual. I started watching a show called Elementary with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu-I enjoy it-I’m a big Sherlock Holmes fan. I think for me this week my fave was Glee! It was the “Break Up” episode do it wa sad but the arrangements of the dogs they sang were wonderful, and I love that they are now in NYC half the time.

    • Maureen says:

      I haven’t seen Elementary, although a colleague of my is actually in an episode (I’m sure I’ll tune in then!) I have never watched GLEE though I hear about it all the time especially working at a theatre! For some reason, I can’t bring myslef to watch it …high school kids who want to do musical theatre – I wonder – do doctors not watch Grey’s??? 🙂

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