My Friday Favorites 05.22.15


On TV –  This is an obvious one this week as we said good bye to some of the best characters TV has ever seen. Mad Men’s last episode truly was the end of an era. Highlights included the the three “person to person” phone calls Don made to the most significant women in his life Sally, Betty, and Peggy (note: not Megan.) Next, Pete’s goodbye scene to Peggy with just enough awkward banter mixed with silent pauses, a cactus exchange, and no mention of the baby (rightly so.) Roger writing his son with Joan into his will and telling her he is marrying someone he met “through Megan Draper.”  The snapshot of Sally washing dishes while Betty smoked a cigarette at the table was a full circle moment for the entire series and made me want a Sally Draper spin-off even more than ever.  Of course, the image that will certainly become iconic in television history is the sly, almost devilish smile that crossed Don’s face as he meditated on the hillside and envisioned one of the most popular ad campaigns ever to exist.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper - Mad Men _ Season 7, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMCFor the Home – I’ve been looking for ways to update my entryway and hall closet to make the space more functional. Real Simple’s 5 Ways to Fake a Mudroom has some great ideas. 


For Dessert – The weather is getting warmer and I always want to get ice cream! Check out these tips from Weight Watchers so you are making smart decisions when choosing your delicious cold treats. Sorbet is the way to go with Points Value Plus of 2 vs Custard (my favorite) which is 6 Points Value Plus.

wwmag_frozen treats

On the Sales Rack – These colorful aqua, yellow and green crates are on sale this weekend at The Land of the Nod. They match My Color-Coded Classroom perfectly and I can’t wait to use them to help my end of the year organization process.


For the Classroom – Speaking of end of the year organization in your classroom – check out Ten Things to Think About as You Pack Up Your Classroom from Scholastic.

On the Bookshelf –  Just in time to make your summer reading list: Oyster Books’s list of The 100 Best Books of the Decade So Far 

Oyster Books_100 best books so far

On Instagram – Country Living just took your summer camp fire up a notch!


Happy Friday everyone, have a great long weekend!  Leave me a comment and let me know what your Friday Favorites are this week. (I bet if you comment on this post you have a REALLY good chance of winning the comment contest!)  Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 05.22.15

  1. Maria says:

    I loved the last episode of Mad Men! I wasn’t sure if I would because this last half of the season was iffy but I was pleasantly surprised. I wish it had been 2 hours so we could really see Stan and Peggy together for more than a kiss and I would have loved to see Betty and Sally together a bit more. Her storyline made me sad for the last half of the retire series so I would have liked to se her soften just a little bit.
    I loved how Don ended. It was perfect. And now whenever we hear that ad we will think of Don Draper first! I love that!!!
    I love those crates. Oriana, my college student, only has two bookshelves but a million books. So she uses milk crates in a very cool way-she stacks them in different ways when the mood strikes her and has all her books in them. Using these colorful crates takes that idea to a new level!
    Now I have to go red the book list, and I hope I have read at least a handful of the books on the list! I’ll get back to you!

    • Maureen says:

      I loved Mad Men so much! Can’t wait for Season 3 of OITNB. I’m re-watching the end of Season 2 to refresh my memory. I ordered the crates for my classroom!

  2. Maria says:

    How embarrassing! Of 100 I have only read 2 on that list! Of 100 I have 25 on my “to read” list on Goodreads. I need to get it together!

    • Maureen says:

      I need to get cracking on this list too!!

      GUESS WHAT!!!! You are the 700th comment!!!! woo – hoo! prize coming your way! Thank you for being such a faithful reader and commenter! I feel like we talk more through this blog than when you lived in Philly – even though you are far away now. Thanks Maria!!!

      • Maria says:

        I won!!! That is awesome!!!! Thank you so much. And thank you for this blog, it is always a wonderful read! I always look forward to your posts!!!

      • Maria says:

        I will have to send you new pictures. I still haven’t finished and now will be taking a break due to being in Philly for awhile. Joe bought a table and chair set around Mother’s Day. I like it and it matches well but it changes the concept of the patio for me, so I need to move things around, or add something. I will add some photos to our shared Pinterest folder. 🙂

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